After 12 years of providing premium handcrafted artisan cosmetic products and personalized service to clients across the United States, the time has come for the sun to set upon this season of my life and for me to say "Goodnight" to Neos Skin Care and the products many have come to love.


As of April 2021, Neos Skin Care is closed and will no longer be offering cosmetic/skin care products for purchase. As a new day dawns ahead of me with bright promise of more joy and excitement to come, we'll see what tomorrow brings, where I'll be walking in the sunshine, and where the next part of my journey takes me. I'm sure it will be interesting and memorable.

Thank you to everyone who's supported this small business and me over the years.  You've been a blessing to me and my family and are in my heart and prayers always.

With love and respect!

Ginger and the entire Neos family