12 Days of Thanks 2016 is finally here, y’all!  

Go ahead.  Do a WooHoo….Yippee….Happy Dance!   I’ll wait a few minutes for you to finish.

For those of you who have been around my happy little spot on the internet for a while, you know 12 Days of Thanks is more than just any old promotion or sale. It’s our annual customer appreciation sale and my way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of my online world and supporting Neos Skin Care™….and me. I started this tradition several years ago when I was feeling especially grateful for being able to do what I do (which I love doing) and share Neos products with others through this rather fascinating thing called “the internet”.  I wanted to do something special for all my customers just to let them know how special they are. But what?  Pretty soon, inspiration struck. My gratitude, the Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas” (which was stuck in my head at that time for some reason) and the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving came together and the 12 Days of Thanks Customer Appreciation was born. I’m still as grateful today as I was with that first one, maybe even more so.  The love, support and friendship that I get from many of you never ceases to amaze me. Darn it…..I’m getting all sappy and leaky over here. *sniff*

Goodness, that’s been 5 or 6 years ago now. And it’s grown and took on a life of its own, as things often do.  What started as a way to just say thanks became the biggest promotion we do at Neos and is the kick-off to the holidays.  Each year is different in how we do it and excitement builds as fans and customers anticipate what we’ll do this time around. Some have told me they look forward to it for months and make a wish list so they are ready when it starts. Sometimes, we’ve had daily deals. Other times, featured products or collections. Every year, it’s a surprise until the announcement. And often a few surprises during.

OK..so this year, I decided to keep things pretty simple with a discount coupon code and reduced flat rate shipping. We all like simple, right? Then that inspiration bug bite me on the tushie.  I was cleaning my house and moving storage bins and boxes of unused and unneeded containers/packaging around for the umpteenth time when I had an idea. I had launched the DIY Collection just a few months ago and needed to make fresh batches soon so that was on my mind. I knew I had many fans and followers on Facebook that were DIY’ers.  LIGHTBULB MOMENT! Why not kick-off the 12 Days of Thanks event with a “deal dash” on my Facebook page for my do-it-yourself friends to grab a few things they could use for their handmade gifts and personal use.

So for the last few days, my oh-so-cute “assistant” and I have been going through bins of supplies. We’ve been counting, grouping and posting various odds & ends supplies that I don’t need and many of you do. Whew…What a task! See how my eyes have a wonky look from all the county? My brain is even wonkier…..Math….’nuff said. I think I may be a supplies hoarder! *gasp*  I still have a little more to go through, btw, so will likely post a few more things for you to grab before the end of this year’s event.

Here’s what 12 Days of Thanks 2016 will look like this year. From November 19 – 30, 2016, I’m offering a 25% off sitewide discount with the coupon code THANKS2016.  Gift certificates are excluded. In addition, every order will receive a discounted flat rate shipping of $6.50 no matter what size or order or where it’s going in the United States.


Alright, I won’t take up more of your valuable time now. I should let you know that this will be our last promotion or sale for 2016. Come mid-December or just before, I close Neos Skin Care for a few weeks so I can spend time and attention on my family and the holidays.  The site is open and shopping is still available but those orders placed after I close for the holidays won’t even be looked at until after the new year. So keep that in mind.
Be sure to come on over to the Neos Skin Care™ Facebook page to look at what’s being offered there and there only. If you claim a deal or three, those will be handled off-site through PayPal invoicing toward the end of this sale. I am combining on-site orders and off-site invoices for you, however, so you can save on shipping.

From the bottom of my heart…..THANK YOU!


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