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Hey y’all! I’m Ginger L. Moore, the Head Belle at Neos Skin Care™. Welcome and thank you for visiting with me. For full transparency, I feel I must tell you this photo is a few years old so my today face is a bit different. Trying to remember, I think I was somewhere around the age of 45 or so here and had just come from the beauty shop after having my hair done. I had makeup on and was feeling good about myself so I asked my husband to get the camera for an impromptu photo session because I needed a few shots for things such as this. Now, at age 51 (will be 52 in Summer 2019), time and age, crazy busy lifestyle, and a few health issues that have arisen since then have me looking much less “pulled together” and relaxed. I’m more lived-in now with more signs of time showing on my face. I’m tired, OK? Just bordering on exhaustion all the time. Plus my hair is darker (and thinner) and hasn’t had a really good cut & style in a while. I’ve been cutting it myself for a few years, mainly because I just don’t have the time to go spend an afternoon at the salon getting primped and primed to get back that color and a nice fluid style. So most days, I will admit I “look my age” and sometimes probably even older than I actually am. And I’m OK with that. Looking like a photo-shopped model has never been on my bucket list. I’m a real woman who’s lived a real life with real ups and downs, twists and turns. I take pride in that fact because every bit of it has made me who I am today. I am much more than how my face and body looks.  And so are you!

Alright, with that out of the way, I reckon I’m suppose to tell you about myself and Neos Skin Care™. I’m really not very comfortable talking about myself in this way so I’ll just start with the basics and go from there. Be warned! I’m Southern so that means I’m a natural-born storyteller. That’s a nice way of saying I can be wordy and long winded, explaining more than I need to and running a few side trails in the process. It’s also in first person so lots of “I’s” or “We’s” happening. Sorry about that. Not being braggy….really not being that at all. UGH! *cringing*  So it begins.

Southern Roots, Small Town Living

I was born and raised in Southeast Tennessee, in the little town of Soddy-Daisy (23 sq. miles – population 13,693 [2017 US Census]), located just north of Chattanooga. Here is where I met, fell in love and married my husband, and the majority of both our extended families who are still with us live there. In 1994, we moved slightly north of our hometown, to a home in the southern-most corner of Bledsoe County, TN (407 sq. miles – population 14,717 [2017 US Census]). Situated in a small rural community nestled in the mountains, we’re far enough away from more populated areas to feel “out in the boonies” but close enough to areas where the action is to drive a little ways to shop, eat out, and other “city-fied” happenings.  It’s here in these Tennessee hills where my husband and I have made a life and are raising our son. And where I run Neos Skin Care™.

Modern Southern Belle with Many Hats

I consider myself to be a modern Southern belle, from my thick Southern drawl to my lifestyle and values, and wear many hats. But none as important as being a wife to the man who’s my heart and soul mate and the mother of one child whom I had later in life than most and is quite literally a promised blessing from God.  I was one month shy of my 39th birthday when he was born. 14 years of praying and waiting for this man child. Yes, indeed. A blessing from God and I can without a doubt say being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. We homeschool our son so I’m a home educator and his academic teacher too. That gets very interesting at times since the crossover roles of mom and teacher often collide.  Plus, it’s been so long ago I was in school, I’ve forgotten so much. I often find myself having to refresh, relearn, or study just so I can teach him. I’m also a student myself at the moment, pursuing several education opportunities. This is sometimes challenging when you aren’t a young chick anymore and have so many things filling your days. Additionally, I’m a born-again Christian and ministry leader (currently on sabbatical). My faith and Christian walk is the foundation for my life, so yes, you will see me talk about my Christian and the Lord in my writings and conversations. It’s not meant to be offensive. It’s just who I am.

Homelife & Hobbies

I really don’t have any hobbies anymore because I just don’t have the time or energy for anything like that these days. But I enjoy things like spending time with my family, binging on streaming TV, reading, enjoying our nature here in the mountains, feeding and watching the birds and hummingbirds, cooking, baking, and gardening when I can. OK, I don’t actually “garden”. I really just grow things like veggies, herbs, flowers, bushes/trees, my list of to-do’s, my waistline and hips, wishlists, etc.  My husband is the green thumb in the family. He can grow grass on concrete. Seriously, he’s done this! I more so delegate and supervise. I do, however, preserve and home can the fruits of our “gardening” endeavors. And I eat the garden delights. Umm Hmm…that’s my favorite.

I’m really not fond of boring home tasks such as dusting and folding laundry, but do them anyway. A little upbeat music and it’s not so bad. I have a definite aversion to clutter, hate dirty dishes sitting in the sink and cannot stand stuff sitting on my kitchen cabinets. Not even the expected items such as small appliances. But alas, some are unavoidable and can’t be tucked behind closed doors. Oh, and I may have an addiction to coffee and foster a not-so-secret love for chocolate.  Sssshhh! We’ll keep that as our little secret.

Did I mention I hate exercising? I do not like it at all. It’s not fun and it’s painful at best for this not so young and sometimes uncooperative body of mine. But I love to dance and be-bop so that’s my movement whenever I can get away with it. Much to the embarrassment and distress of my son. Give me music and songs of the 50’s – 80’s and I’ll rock it with wiggle and giggles. At home, in the grocery store, walking down the aisle of a parking lot, even in the paint aisle at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I don’t care. I dance even without any music. Hey, I’ll sing it and make my own music too. Aren’t you glad you aren’t my child and don’t have to be seen with me in public? *giggle snort*

Work Life

Sine you’re reading this on the company website, I suppose it goes without saying I’m a solo entrepreneur and the founder/owner of a small handcrafted artisan cosmetics company. In this vein, I’m a professional cosmetic formulator (self-taught + advanced study in progress) with 30 years under my belt. I currently formulate and hand produce the products offered at Neos Skin Care™.  I’m also the web designer, tech support, office manager, packer/shipper, janitor, buying department, bookkeeper, product photographer, marketing specialist, etc., etc., etc. That’s how solo entrepreneurship works. You do EVERYTHING! As Neos grows and I expand my own ventures in several directions, operations and facility needs will change and I’ll eventually hire a staff to handle some of the tasks at hand so I can put my attention and energy where I am most suited. Did I mention I also offer consulting services on various topics within the cosmetic industry?  Yes, I’m quite busy and yes, I do sleep….every now and again.

Every Step Has Led Me To Here

The backstory that led me to this season and place in my personal and professional life is rather interesting, I guess. Since early adulthood, I’ve had a passionate interest in a holistic lifestyle & medicine with select complementary & alternative therapies and beauty care at the forefront. I grew up in a family where home remedies and folk medicine along with a variety of home beauty options were commonplace. But I really never knew there were defined names, professions and industries, or communities for these things until I was grown. It was just something we did, ya’ know? I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. I went straight into the workforce after high school, first in retail then in the healthcare field. In the late 80’s, I was working as a certified and registered professional in the medical/health care field where I specialized….skilled care in geriatrics, the  terminally ill, and permanently disabled. Through this, I was introduced to what I later learned was CAM therapies and a whole person approach to living, health care and personal care.  Interestingly, it was an MD, an OD, a seasoned RN, and a few of my senior patients who turned on the light and started putting the pieces together for me. I’m forever grateful for their input that’s made such a huge impact in my life.

Feeling intensely drawn to this then uncommon arena, I began on what has become a lifelong journey and has been at the core of everything for me. Along the way, I stepped into beauty/personal care and cosmetic formulating, where I discovered a world of chemistry and human sciences that surprisingly fascinates and intrigues me. Seriously y’all….if anyone had told me 35 years ago I would love learning about any of these areas of specialty, I wouldn’t have believed then. Me + Science was not a predictable match. But here we are today, thousands of hours, hundreds of failures and successes, and countless notes later, with all my interests and a lifetime of self-education and practical experience that’s begun to converge into a package I never could have foreseen.

Lifelong Learning & Credentials

I continue to expand my education horizons and gaining valuable experience, both informally and formally. What can I say? I’m a lifelong learner and just can’t help myself. Even though I’ve been involved with and practiced aromatherapy at home for most of my adult life, I’m reluctant to call myself an aromatherapist at all right now. Instead, I cautiously consider myself merely a budding aromatherapist with much to learn. When the opportunity arose for me to seek more formal aromatherapy education from one of my mentors, I didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge of adding, going to aromatherapy school, to my list. At the time of writing this, I am a student at Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, fulfilling a long time dream to study with Sylla Sheppard-Hanger. I’ll complete that soon enough and can add qualified professional aromatherapy practitioner to the list of professional qualifications. I’m also currently seeking additional advanced education within cosmetic chemistry and formulating.  In the future, I plan to acquire my registered aromatherapist credentials from the Aromatherapy Registration Council. I hope to also eventually venture into aromatic medicine with my practice. Plus, being keenly interested in herbals, having used them for 3+ decades for health with myself and my family, I’d like to add clinical herbalist to my list of credentials.  I did say I’m a lifelong learner and just can’t help myself, didn’t I?


OK….so that’s my much too long self introduction. I wanted you to know a little bit more about where I am today and where I have been in the years leading up to now.  My story has led to, influenced and contributed to the Neos story. If you would like to know more of the story of Neos Skin Care™ and how it came to be, you can click here to go right to it.

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