Our Company Policies


The protection of your privacy and personal information is as important to us as if it were our own. We never sell or rent your contact information or any of your personal and private information which we have access to with anyone…..EVER.  I detest my information being harvested and profited from in this manner so I refuse to do that to anyone else.  Likewise, we do not automatically collect your email address from orders to add you to our mailing lists.  You may read our full privacy policy and data collection information page here. 


If you wish to be included on our list and receive our newsletters and occasional special mailings, you may subscribe to our mailing list using the sign-up form linked to and found on this site.  The info you provide through this form goes directly to our email service provider (MailChimp). I will receive a notification email with that info as well.  You can read MailChimp’s privacy policy here.  After filling out and submitting the sign-up form, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your desire to subscribe.  Once you  confirm and are added onto our mailing list, if you decide you no longer want to receive our mailings, you can opt-out and unsubscribe at any time using the link to unsubscribe and opt-out found at the bottom of each newsletter and email we send you.  If you choose to opt-out, your info is removed from our system and that of our email management and marketing  service provider.  You won’t hear from us again.


We encourage you to sign up for an account on our site. An account on the site is for your benefit and convenience, and will help speed up your ordering and cart transactions. The info you provide there is maintained on our site and hosting servers with several layers of security. While we do have access to your general profile and account information, your password is hidden from us as is any personal information related to your payment process and methods. In addition, there are several security measures we have enlisted to help protect your account from outside invasion. While the nature of the internet and the craftiness of malicious people makes it impossible to be 100% without risks, we do what we can to reduce the risks as much as possible within our capabilities.


PAYMENT METHODS All orders are currently processed through PayPal for your convenience and personal information security. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. You can use your credit card via the PayPal payment transaction method without an account with them. PayPal charges sellers a percentage rate plus flat rate on every transaction processed through them, including the purchased items and the shipping fees. Those fees have been factored into the pricing and shipping fees already.

PAYMENT SECURITY With the avalanche of private information security breaches in recent years, we take great pains to make sure we do all we can to keep your personal financial and credit card  information safe and secure.  That is why we choose to use PayPal as our payment method. When you  order from the site, you will pay via PayPal. Any and all credit card or bank information you enter with PayPal is received and stored on their secure servers with multiple layers of security measures and encryption they implement and update regularly. We do not have access to any of your financial information or numbers entered through PayPal nor do we ever see it.  You can learn more about PayPal’s privacy policies here.

What information do we collect and/or retain when you order from our site or off-site with invoicing? When you make a purchase from us we get your name, your detailed order information, your billing address, your mailing/shipping address and any additional contact information or notes to us that you have given. This information is necessary information relative to your transaction with us. We keep security protected digital and hard copies of this information and your ordering history on file for future customer service and quality control.  


We’re sorry but we do not take retail or wholesale orders from outside of the US or ship internationally at this time. We only sell and ship retail orders within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii using USPS Priority Mail.  Wholesale orders from approved wholesale partner accounts may be shipped with USPS, UPS or FedEx and is order dependent. 

SHIPPING FEES Currently, our shipping and handling fee for retail orders is a flat rate fee per order transaction based on your location/state and an average order’s box size and weight. This is added to your total at the time of checkout. Our shopping cart cannot combine orders. If you want to add to an existing order which has not been filled and shipped as of yet, I can manually bill you for additionally purchased items and combine the orders for you to save you on costs. Please contact me to discuss doing this.

All orders totaling more than $100.00 or more are set in our system to receive free shipping.  That is also taken care of during your checkout process.   If for some reason, (technology has a mind of its own), our cart system does not apply the free shipping to your order of $100.00+, please let me know within 24 hours of the transaction. I will refund the shipping fee back to you or include extras in your order, at my discretion, to cancel out the shipping fee. (NOTE:  These rates do not apply to wholesale account orders. Those are handled individually with our wholesale partners.)

SIGNATURE & ADDITIONAL INSURANCE As a general practice, we do not use the signature requirement or offer our retail customers the option of additional insurance on their orders. USPS has a standard allowed maximum dollar amount of insurance coverage included with Priority Mail shipping. Most retail order values fall within or just over that allowed dollar amount. However, for large orders totaling over $100 , I do usually add additional insurance coverage on my end when I purchase and schedule shipping for my own peace of mind and just in case. I may or may not include signature requirement on an order based on determination of its necessity. You will not receive an additional bill or charge for these as they are my choice to include. They come out of my pocket at my expense. If for some reason, you want to include signature requirement or insurance for your order, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order. Because it is your choice to add these, you will be required to pay for those additional fee incurring options via a PayPal invoice before we process your order and ship to you.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY Make sure you double-check the info you enter into the shopping cart for accuracy. It’s important when entering your shipping address at checkout, you verify all information you give us is accurate on your order and with your PayPal information before completing the transaction. We do cross check the address between our order notification and the PayPal notification just to check for minor typos but we cannot verify addresses are correct with the US Postal Service. Unless otherwise noted, we go by the shipping address you enter in our system that will show on your order held in our system. We are not responsible for inaccurate address information that has been entered by the customer which could result in loss of your order, delays or failures in delivery.

ORDER TRACKING Providing I don’t forget to tell them, you should receive a tracking number and delivery date estimation from the USPS at the email you provide with your order when we schedule your package for shipping.  These dates are only estimates per the USPS and are not guaranteed. We are in no way responsible for when deliveries are actually completed or variances from estimated delivery dates. We request tracking and delivery confirmation services from the Postal Service on all orders be sent to us as well. With this, we get a notification of where packages are during transit and when they are delivered. Sometimes this includes where they are left on the premises. We are not responsible for packages that have been logged as delivered by the postal service but reported as not received by the customer.  Refunds, replacements or store credits are not given for shipments that the USPS reports as delivered or for refused or unclaimed packages.

PACKAGE SECURITY Packages left unattended or out in view on your premises are possibly subject to theft or disappearance.  If no one will be home to receive delivery in person or you think a package left out unattended may not be secure, we recommend you instruct your postal carrier where to leave packages so they will be out of view or have your package shipped to your place of employment or another location where it can be received in person.  Packages left unattended by the customer or carrier or lost after logged delivery are not the responsibility of Neos Skin Care™ or its owners. There are no refunds, replacements or store credits given for missing or lost packages.  Once packages leave our hands, they are literally out of our hands. What happens to them in transit is neither in our control or our responsibility. If your package contents are damaged or lost during transit, it’s your responsibility to notify us immediately and provide adequate proof of damage or loss. We’ll do what we can to assist with the issue with USPS but cannot guarantee they will handle it in a manner that is timely or satisfactory to you.


Because we make products to order for freshness and I do not keep products stocked on shelves waiting to be purchased, it takes a bit more time for me to get your order ready for shipping than you may be used to.  Order processing times from when you order until shipment vary depending on the products ordered, the size of order, how many orders I have to process at that time and my personal life demands and responsibilities. I make every attempt to fulfill and ship orders as quickly as possible, following our regular shipping schedules. But sometimes, longer order fulfillment times are just an unavoidable fact with handcrafted products and solo-entrepreneurship. Busier times, such as during and after a promotional sale or around major holidays, almost always means it will take longer. I attempt to process and fill orders as they are received so you may have several orders ahead of you to be filled. Please take this into consideration when ordering.  If for some unforeseen reason (such as illness or emergency), your order will take longer than normal to process and ship, I will attempt to let you know and keep you informed. I strongly encourage you to “Like” and “Follow” the Neos Skin Care™ Facebook fan page and check in there regularly. I communicate readily and daily on the page so this is your best option for keeping up with news from us you will want to know.


Due to the nature of our products, the sanitation and contamination concerns and laws pertaining to personal care and hygiene products, we cannot accept returns of opened or used products purchased from Neos Skin Care™.   We do not offer refunds, product replacement or product exchanges for products purchased from Neos Skin Care™ except in the event of defective products or packaging or gross error on our part.  We’re human and sometime stuff happens.  Should you find there are manufacturer defects to the product container or the product itself or human errors were made during the packing and shipping phase of your order, please contact us immediately. We will take care of it as quickly and as pain-free as possible. You will be required to provide proof of defect or error and/or may be required to return any defective or damaged products for verification purposes. If return verification is required, you may be responsible for the return shipping expenses. We’ll do what we can to avoid that added expense on you if at all possible.  While we would love to be able to offer a 100% money back guarantee for any reason, the reality is, as a small business we cannot do this like larger companies and shopping sites like Amazon can. We must take each instance of order and product concerns on a case by case basis. We know that purchasing products such as ours can be difficult to do online. As we are able to do so, we plan to offer some product samples or sample sets for purchase.  Until those is made possible throughout the Neos Skin Care™ product lines, please ask us any questions you may have PRIOR to completing your purchase of full size retail products. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.


These company and site policies are fully in effect and apply to everyone. Users who proceed and interact with this site or do business with Neos Skin Care™ and/or its owners assume personal responsibility, agree to the terms of use and policies and to not hold Neos Skin Care™ or its owners responsible or at fault for any maliciousness, damage, harm, loss, injury or other that may occur to their person or property while using the site or sites and entities affiliated with the company. Misuse, abuse or illegal actions taken on or against this site, its content, the company, the owners, or users of this site are not permitted and will be dealt with accordingly. This site and its owners are not responsible for misuse or abuse as described above nor the illegal, malicious or harmful actions made by or against users of this site, or any damage or loss users may experience to their property or person while engaging with the site or carrying out transactions through the site or otherwise engaging with the company or its owners. 


Neos Skin Care™ and its owners promise to maintain professionalism and quality while remaining steadfast within our expertise and scope. We promise to respect you and provide the highest quality products and services we possibly can.  We will uphold all company policies and professional codes of conduct within the professional fields which we operate, remain ethical and abide by legal obligations as is required and necessary and to do so within reasonable expectations and abilities.


THIS SITE AND ALL ITS CONTENT ARE LEGALLY PROTECTED UNDER NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS.  All written content, graphics, photographs and images on neosskincare.com, the Neos Skin Care™ blog, its affiliates and social media sites is the copyrighted and/or trademarked intellectual property of Neos Skin Care™ and its owners and is protected under federal and international copyright laws, licensed to us. You are not permitted to copy, download or use any material, copy, text, graphics, photos or any other content found on this site in part or in whole or otherwise use in any way without the written permission of the owners and the company. Infringement on copyrights and/or plagiarism will be handled promptly and professionally, with legal support as is found necessary. The company name, logo, taglines, signature images, promotional material, product categories and product names are the trademarked intellectual property of Neos Skin Care™ and its owners. The copy or use of these is direct trademark infringement and will be addressed as such.  Likewise, the product formulas are proprietary information protected under trade secrets laws, therefore these qualify as the intellectual property of Neos Skin Care™ and its owners, who are not obligated by law to disclose them.

This site is maintained and updated as needed and on a regular basis. The content, pricing, policies and practices on this site are subject to change at the discretion of Neos Skin Care™ and its owners, without previous notification.

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