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Ahhh!  Fragrances. Scents. Aromas.

Whatever you call them, when they’re good smells, they make our life better and help create those Ahhh moments. At Neos, we do scents/fragrances well. The majority of our fragrances are exclusive and signature scents which I create and hand-blend just for the Neos Skin Care™ lines. I take great pride in providing scents that are unique, tantalizing and appealing.  Below you will find descriptions of our scents and the products where they are available. This will help you decide which ones you want to try.  Some are top sellers we’ve carried for several years. Some are family favorites enjoyed by women, men, and kids alike.  Some are still new to our fragrance selections in 2019 so they are yet to be fully discovered by our clients.  We even offer limited and exclusive essential oil blends for aromatherapy use among our fragrance selections. You’ll also note we’re now offering seasonal scents in limited editions which will only be available for a short time and subject to availability. When/If we run out of those prior during the season, they will no longer be available. Several of our products that have their own signature scents with that scent exclusive to that product. Most are also available with no added scent for those who prefer unscented. Whatever your fragrance fancy, we probably have an option for you.

Like many high-end product lines, Neos Skin Care™ products and fragrances are designed and offered boutique-style. This means most of our fragrances carry over to a variety of other body or bath products, (lotions, creams, body sprays, balms, etc.), so they are perfect for scent layering and creating your own themed sets for gift giving.

*Seasonal and limited edition fragrances descriptions and availability dates announced and given as specified 


** NEW in 2019
(ATB) Aromatherapy Blend

Neos Skin Care is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Be Kind Botanicals to bring you the best artisan products Neos can offer. Products containing essential oils for fragrancing, will feature Be Kind’s exquisite artisan essential oils whenever possible and as available. I’ve known Lola King, owner of Be Kind Botanicals, for a number of years. As a registered aromatherapist, her passion for the aromatherapy industry and aromatic practices is as authentic as it comes.  As a vendor of aromatics, her dedication to sourcing and offering high quality, chemically active essential oils and other aromatics is seconded only by her integrity and commitment to sustainability. She genuinely cares about protecting our natural resources and using only what we must. Lola’s equally committed to caring for people, thus the name “Be Kind” for her small independently owned and operated company. Very fitting for who she is and what she stands up for. As one of my dear friends and a colleague, I am honored to share BKB’s wonderful essential oils with the Neos family.


Unscented – No scent added. Formulated so you can add your own essential oil or fragrance oil at up to 5% dilution (by weight), mixing well to incorporate.

Ahh L’Orange ** (ATB) – The familiar comfort and devotion of freshly harvested lavender buds unites with sweet orange. Together, they lounge on a bed of cedarwood atlas, embracing and whispering sweet nothings.  It’s a marriage made in heaven.
Aromatherapy Blend: 2 – 5% dilution (percentage used is product dependent)  

Vanilla Bean Dream ** Back by popular demand. A truly dreamy decadent fragrance reminiscent of the finest vanilla beans. Delicious, comforting and alluring, our Vanilla Bean Dream is inviting, warm, creamy and ever so sweet without being cloying or overpowering. *Top Seller & Family Favorite

Debutante – A simply beautiful feminine floral scent of magnolia and gardenia blooms with soft, sexy powder and warm amber notes to balance it out.  It’s the epitome of southern belle’ness. *Ladies’ Delight from 8-80 yrs. old

Honey Almond –  The rich sweetness of golden honey with the fresh nutty bite of toasted almonds for a clean, fresh scent that is delicate and positively lovely.  *Family Favorite

Sandalwood Silk –  Soft and smooth with the exotic warm, rich woody notes of both Australian and Indian sandalwood and undertones of herbal-ish barely there sweet floral that’s neither too green, sweet or spicy. There’s a slight “salty” note which peeks through when you least expect it. *Top Seller

(offered June 1 – September 1; subject to availability) :

Coconut Cream ** – Creamy coconut with a tropical flair of simple sweetness and juicy fruit undertones that breathes summer and yummy drinks with fun curly straws and colorful paper umbrellas.

Fruit Fusion ** – The summertime aromas of juicy watermelon, sweet southern peaches, black cherries, and succulent fresh pears come together with a hint of a fuchsia pink blossoms, floating effortlessly in a pool of fresh green tea. With just a barely there tinge of a nutty under-note, this signature summer seasonal scent from Neos is a sophisticated and complex scent that’s a delicious addition to your summer fun. Perfect for any age.

DoubleMint ** (ATB) – Pure, simple and refreshing. The crispness of peppermint joins forces with the delicate sweetness of spearmint to invigorate the senses and give a cool tingle.
Aromatherapy Blend: 2 – 5% dilution (percentage used is product dependent) 


(TO ORDER – Select unscented, then indicate one of these in the comments section of your order at checkout. EXAMPLE: Special Order Scent #1 – Spa; Special Order Scent #2 – Tangerina Tango; etc.)

Spa – Become enchanted with the tranquil beach-side spa notes of salty seaside air, water lily, blue lotus flower and cyclamen nestled atop musk, white cedar and soft bamboo.

Tangerina Tango (ATB) – Enjoy all the inhaled and topical goodness of this blend of tangerine, sweet basil, coriander and Himalayan cedarwood essential oils as you reap the emotional calming, mental settling, deeply inhaled clearness and body-skin support it solicits.  It’s also a nice balanced personal fragrance for everyday wear. *Customer Favorite
Aromatherapy Blend: 2 – 5% dilution (percentage used is product dependent)

Man In Black – Gentlemen, show your mysterious side with this men’s scent that takes lemon, bergamot and fir blended with leather, musk and woods to create an ultra modern and super sexy subtle fragrance that will have the ladies swooning.  Teen boys tend to like this one a lot. *Popular w/All Ages

Southern Gentleman*SWOON* This downright sexy man fragrance begins with Kaffir lime, juicy lemon and the clean notes of ozone, cucumber, black pepper and basil blended with the over the top manliness of vetiver and spice. Absolutely a true gentleman’s scent with character….just like a southern man. *Local Favorite

HOME COLLECTION FRAGRANCE CHOICES  (New Collection added June 2019)

Year Round Selections:

Citrus Whip (ATB) – A refreshing blend of sweet orange, lime and tangerine essential oils with a sweet mellow rounding of vanilla and a hint of soft floral for a beautifully balanced scent experience.

Mirage – Slip away to a hidden spa oasis. Cool citrusy satsuma and verbena join with the soft sweetness of hyacinth, violets, and cyclamen for a refreshing top note sitting on a seat of salty sea, jasmine, lily of the valley and melons. Grounded on a base of bamboo, musk, cedar, and amber, this scent is pure luxury with a relaxing ambience.

Cranberry Tea Invoke the comforting aroma of juicy tart cranberries masterfully blended with the delicate smooth crispness of white tea leaves and ever so light notes of ambrette, artemisia leaves, white pepper, woody amber and soft musk. 

Lavender Fields – The comforting aroma of lavender buds in their full glory and splendor, it’s not too sweet and floral, not too herbally, not too camphorous. (hand-blended with select essential oils & fragrance oils)

Vanilla Bean Dream – A truly dreamy decadent fragrance reminiscent of the finest vanilla beans. Delicious, comforting and alluring, our Vanilla Bean Dream is inviting, warm, creamy and ever so sweet without being cloying or overpowering.

(offered June 1 – September 1; subject to availability) 

Frosty Lemon (ATB) – Crisp lemon essential oil with a frosty peppermint punch. This select hand-blended seasonal scent transforms and wafts true with a brightness that is hard to describe and even harder to forget.

Coconut Cream – Creamy coconut with a tropical flair of simple sweetness and juicy fruit undertones that breathes summer and yummy drinks with fun curly straws and colorful paper umbrellas.

Beach Haven – Sand, salt, sea and beach side cabana meets fresh breezes, green tea, subtle citrus and light floral blossoms with just a whisper of spicy mystery.

Buttered Cornbread™ Body Scrub – only available in these product specific signature fragrances *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Corn Cakes – Cornmeal, sweet corn, buttermilk, butter and that slightly sweet secret ingredient to makes yummy even more mouth-watering. No southern belle’s home is complete without Corn Cakes on the menu.

Milk & Honey – Sweet milk and golden honey takes cornbread to a whole new level of delicious.

Chill My Heels™ Foot Creme:  Available in our exclusive aromatherapy blend of peppermint essential oil and menthol


Except for the dry botanical masques which have no fragrance additives, the products in the Mineral Facial Care Collection are available in two fragrance options. You can select our original signature scent which is best described as fresh, aquatic scent, with a hint of sweetness, a touch of sparkling citrus and fruit, a smidgeon of herbal and a tab bit of floral….unisex and spa-like. Or choose the “no scent added” unscented version which are specially formulated so you can add your own essential oils into them at 1% or less or use as is.
FUN FACT: The entire facial care collection is the birthplace of Neos Skin Care and home to our top selling and repeat purchase products across the board for 10 years running. 



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