The Neos Story

The Neos Story Begins

The story of how Neos Skin Care™ came to be isn’t really all that remarkable. It really started out of necessity…..for my own needs and those of my son. After my only child was born in 2006, when I was at the ripe young age of 38, I began having some skin care challenges that I had never experienced before. I had always had rather happy and easy to care for skin that didn’t rebel or give me much problem at all. Thanks to hormonal surges and lulls, natural aging, breastfeeding, and lifestyle changes, I was facing changes in my skin’s texture and resiliency, dry spots and oily spots, lines that came out of nowhere, and saggy bags under my eyes that were seriously not funny.  Products and “home remedies” I tried gave me little help and no real solutions. I was to the point of considering cosmetic surgery for the eye bags. Yes, they were that bad. Plus, I had a precious baby boy with fair skin that was easily irritated, especially from acidic conditions such as is common in the diaper area. His skin needed extra care and attention to remain comfortable. I wasn’t opposed to commercially available products, then or now, and did use them and continue to for many personal care needs. But I wanted, or rather needed, more and better options for my little blessing. I felt sure the answers for both of us lay in the ingredients and how they were used and combined into a finished product.  Being the gal I am, I dusted off my reserves, set my determinations and embarked on a quest in what has turned out to be a dramatically profound and adventurous journey even I couldn’t have predicted.

Goals and Successes

When I started on the quest to solve our skin concerns, I had very specific wants and goals, even though I wasn’t sure how to get there at the time. I knew I wanted good, high quality products that were effective and on the indulgent side. I knew I wanted products made with ingredients that served a purpose in the product and were actively beneficial. I insisted each finished product must do what it was supposed to do. Above all, I wanted them to be safe with a good shelf life, because I knew the potential for nasties to grow in the majority of personal care products. And I was in no place to be mixing up products every day. So away I went with very few resources available to combine with what I already knew and no clear plan, but a lot of ideas. The result was a full range of products for body, bath and skin care that exceeded my expectations.  It soon became clear I was onto something here. They worked so well I couldn’t keep them to myself. I felt sure if I loved them, others would too. I shared with a few friends and the approval rating was a solid 10 across the board. In late 2008, with the suggestion coming from too many directions to brush it off, I decided to step out even further and start a business to not only share my products with others but also contribute to our single income family.

Gifts, Names, Delights and Disappointment

What is now Neos Skin Care™ started as ready-made gift company named “TimeLess Presents” in early spring 2009. Along with the “ready to give” gifts, we offered these luscious skin care products under the brand name “Lavish Bath & Body”. I soon found a core base of repeat customers locally and had branched out into the world of ecommerce. But then it happened. My first hard lesson in business. In the Fall of 2010, I discovered someone had stolen my “Lavish” brand name and marketing material. They had set up shop some months earlier and were using my entire branding – the styling, product names, colors, fonts, imagery, and designs. Even the packaging was copied in every detail. By all intents, they had stolen my company, at least the cosmetics part of it, and were seemingly killing it with a brick & mortar store plus an online shop. Even worse was they had fast-tracked their theft to “legitimize” it by registering a trademark for “Lavish” in the US in the cosmetics related categories. I was devastated. Not having the means for a legal battle with them, I was forced to make some hard decisions. After careful consideration and many long nights, I decided to close the gift company, which wasn’t bringing home much bacon, and devote my entire attention to skin care products exclusively with a new name and branding. And just like that, I shifted my focus to a new company with a new name, new stylings, a new look and a new purpose and never looked back.  I relaunched  later as an artisan cosmetic company in January 2011 under the name “Neos Creations”. But I was not happy with that name. Neos fit and was so right it went deep into my soul. Did you know Neos is Greek for new, youthful, fresh? And that I got it from the original text of one of my favorite  Bible verses? But “Creations”, however, never felt right. I soon dropped it. And with that, Neos Skin Care™ settled into its own and has been developing, emerging, evolving and transitioning by leaps and bounds ever since.

What Makes Neos Skin Care Products Worth Investigation

Of course I’m probably biased, but they’re good quality products that work very well without breaking bank. Neos Skin Care™ products are carefully formulated to be as effective as they are indulgent. Ingredients themselves are only the starting point for good skin care products. The real magic happens in how they’re combined to produce synergistic action for greater effect and efficient delivery of that action to get the most out of them. At Neos, this is a central focus for every formula. Rich creamy butters and soothing exotic and domestic oils with finely tuned fatty acid profiles, potent botanical extracts rich in antioxidants and actives, nourishing plant derived proteins, and highly effective, hydrating humectants take center stage. Dead Sea minerals, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, aloe vera, honeyquat, MSM, yogurt, buttermilk, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, green tea, and more. These are just some of the ingredients we use to achieve products with high performance and skin satisfaction.  Top shelf quality, effective, and luxury at affordable mid-range quality prices. Who doesn’t want that?

Skin Care For Real Women

Neos Skin Care™ products are for real women living real lives who have a desire to look and feel more youthful, vibrant, pampered and luscious. What woman out there doesn’t need and want that? They’re designed with the woman who gives it her all and just craves a little private, personal and indulgent “ME” time in mind. Because I know how stressful the mom-wife-woman-doer-of-all-the-things gig can be. They’re for the woman that needs to not always feel frumpy, housewife-ish, or soccer mom’ish. And for the stretched-to-the-max woman who’s “not as young or as carefree as she once was” but doesn’t want to look and feel like the hot mess she may think she is. Yes, I know all of these very well myself and let me tell you. You need those Ahhh moments to help you recharge and remain semi-sane in a world of seemingly never-ending “stuff” and chaos. What’s more, Neos products smell beautiful, tantalizing and scrumptious because most of us adore fragrances that speak to us, spark wonderful memories and instill feelings of joy, contentment, energy, sensuality, and the list goes on. Most everyone loves to smell good too, right? But there’s also the “no scent added” option for those who don’t adore fragrances. I’m honored to share the Neos range of products with you so that you can look and feel like the woman you really are….beautiful, vivacious and vibrant.

Ahhh Moments

More than the quality and beneficial skin love with tailored intent for today’s woman, Neos products inspire what I call “Ahhh Moments”. You know…..those moments that just take your breath away and leave you satisfied, yet wanting more? Yes, ma’am….THAT! And they do it with Southern style as each product is inspired to some degree by Southern heritage, charm and beauty.

Frankly My Dear, You Deserve It 

To put it simply, what you get from Neos Skin Care is more than just personal care products. Not only are the products filled with decadence and skin benefits, they also ooze with Southern belle’ism and style. What is this style? In a nutshell, it’s simple elegance with a twist. It’s classy, sassy, and comforting….all rolled into one fanciful package. Top it all off with that infamous Southern hospitality and personal attention, and you get an experience….the Neos experience. Because frankly my dear, you deserve it.

You Owe It To Yourself

No matter what your age or where you call home in this wonderful country of ours, you can be the Southern belle you want to be. There’s at least a little bit of “Scarlett” in all of us, ya’ know.  I believe Neos Skin Care™ can help you do that. Take a leisurely look around the boutique.  Find a few favorites or try something new. Find your class. Discover your sass. Step into your comfort. Be the belle you are and get your Ahhh moments on! You owe it to yourself.



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