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Are you a VIB™?

Join the Neos Belles’ Club™ and become a “Very Important Belle” with Neos Skin Care™


The Neos Belles’ Club™ is an elite preferred customer experience designed for Very Important Belles (VIB’s) by a real born and bred modern Southern belle.

Hi, I’m Ginger L. Moore, owner of Neos Skin Care™ and your host. I guess you could say I’m the Head Belle. Let me just take a few moments to tell you about the Neos Belles’ Club™ and what all is in store for you as a VIB™.

VIB’s receive:

  • Exclusive 25% discount – No waiting for public sales!
  • Priority order processing during non-peak order times
  • Members only, limited edition products and fragrances
  • Special birthday greetings
  • High-quality product sampler boxes priced well below retail
  • Pre-launch purchasing options for new products
  • The opportunity to contribute valued input on product development
  • Use your Belle status to opt-in as a product tester during final R&D phases for new, luxury skin care products
  • Exclusive members-only content on the website
  • Members-only social community group

But wait – there’s more. How do mini-classes and tutorials, Q & A’s, and special participatory projects all contained within the exclusive VIB social community sound to you? And a place to call home where you and all the belles can be yourself, mentor one another, have fun, laugh, relieve stress, and just hang out?

You see, this is not your ordinary preferred customer program. The Neos Belles’ Club is so much more.  It’s sophisticated. It’s modern. It’s hospitable. It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s classy. It’s sassy. It’s casual and comfortable. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s interesting and informative. It’s everything a belle is and should be.

Don’t you think you deserve that? Yes, you do.

Not ready to be a VIB but still want access to exclusive members-only content and a members discount? I’ve got you covered. New in April 2019 is the Buttercup Belle™ club membershipWhat is it? Buttercup Belle membership a limited- access “Patron” level club membership.

As a Buttercup Belle™, you receive:

  • Full access to all members-only copy and content on
  • A 10% discount at the Neos Skin Care online boutique.

When you are logged into your Buttercup Belle™ account, you will have access to all the members-only content on the blog. You will see your 10% Buttercup Belle discount on the products in the boutique. This price will be applied automatically when you shop in the boutique on  This discount cannot be used in conjunction with additional discounts or coupon codes unless otherwise specified. (Pssstt! I have been known to give belles a special limited time double discount perk.)  In addition, Buttercup Belles may also occasionally be included in special members-only offers, limited edition products, and downloadable content not available to those who are not part of the club.

Which VIB membership level will you choose?  Take your pick!

  • Azalea VIB™ – $14.00 every 30 days with full VIB access and benefits
  • Hydrangea VIB™ – $38.00 every 3 months with full VIB access and benefits (save $4 quarterly)
  • Crepe Myrtle VIB™ – $75.00 every 6 months with full VIB access and benefits (save $9 bi-annually)
  • Dogwood VIB™ – $138.00 every 12 months with full VIB access and benefits (save $30 annually)
  • Buttercup Belle™ – $4.00 every 30 days with “Patron” access and benefits



Choose your membership level to fit your budget. We have monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly VIB memberships available to meet your personal need and allow you to choose your membership savings. Each level up gives a monetary savings on the overall cost of full membership fees. Once you subscribe to the Neos Belles’ Club™ you automatically get access to restricted content and members-only perks and benefits and will be given entrance to the private members-only social community.  This is where most of the magic and fun happens.

Memberships are on a recurring payment plan so you don’t have to remember to renew when it’s time. You will need to allow this with your Paypal account. When your membership is up for renewal, you can choose to renew at your current membership level or to level-up (or down) to a new membership tier. Whatever works for you, our system makes it easy. We don’t want you to lose out on all the great perks and benefits and amazing camaraderie among the belles’, so be sure to keep your eye on when you can level-up! Leveling up with a longer membership subscription gives you more savings on your membership fees and more value from the experience. You can also opt to cancel your membership at renewal time. But I’m pretty sure you won’t want to do that and miss out on all the Neos Belles’ Club™ has to offer.

If you prefer the Buttercup Belle™ membership, you can select this limited “Patron” level monthly membership to receive instant access to members-only content and articles which are being added to continually plus your anytime Buttercup Belle™ discount.

Once you’ve finished the joining process and transaction for the recurring membership renewal is completed, your club membership begins right away.  Anytime you login to your account at Neos Skin Care™, your membership benefits on the site and at the boutique are active and ready for you to enjoy.  Full VIB’s will be asked to complete a couple of steps so you can be added to social community group and all the perks available through this elite little club hangout we call “The Parlor”.  That’s all there is to it.

Come on!  Join the Neos Belles’ Club™ and start being a belle today!

Oh goodness! Where are my manners?  I almost forgot one important bit of info. Y’all don’t forget to read the Membership Agreement.  I’ll see you at the club!




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