What Do Moms Really Want?

What Do Moms Really Want?

  What do moms really want? That could be a loaded question.  But it's one I'm asking and  guessing offspring and husbands everywhere ask every year as Mother's Day rolls around. For days, I've been seeing posts and videos in my Facebook feed about what moms want...

Making Sense of Scent Love

Making Sense of Scent Love

  Scent love? What is that? It's simple really. Scent love is the fragrances we love.....our favorite scents. We all have them. And no two people’s scent love list is exactly the same. I have a wide fragrance palette that appreciates and like many scents for...

The Beauty of Hibiscus

The Beauty of Hibiscus

  . The vibrant beauty of hibiscus flowers offers us gorgeous blooms to look at or adorn our landscape. The hibiscus genus of plants offers multiple species and varieties ranging in size and color. Their blooms are bright and showy, growing in an array of colors...

Ewww! What’s That Smell?

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into your kitchen and get hit right in the nose with "something" that's definitely not tonight's home-cooked supper. Your mind scrambles and your lips utter "Ewww! What's that smell?" as you desperately scan and search to find...

Can We Please Stop Vilifying Chemicals?

Yes, you read that right. Can we please stop vilifying chemicals? I see it daily...literally dozens of times per day. I get correspondence asking if my products are free of this or do they contain that because the person has been led to believe that the substance...

12 Days of Thanks 2016

12 Days of Thanks 2016 is finally here, y'all!   Go ahead.  Do a WooHoo....Yippee....Happy Dance!   I'll wait a few minutes for you to finish. For those of you who have been around my happy little spot on the internet for a while, you know 12 Days of Thanks is more...

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