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Can We Please Stop Vilifying Chemicals?

Yes, you read that right. Can we please stop vilifying chemicals? I see it daily…literally dozens of times per day. I get correspondence asking if my products are free of this or do they contain that because the person has been led to believe that the...

Let’s Get Perky With It

Hey all y’all coffee-holics out there!  I’m changin’ it up a bit today and we’re going to have a little fun.  So guess what I’m blogging about? You guessed it. Coffee! That wonderful elixir that beckons to us to come, inhale the aroma,...

5 Staples On The Neos Supplies Shelves

Do you know what’s IN the products you use daily or even those you use occasionally?  Do you know why they are in there?  Is it even important?  Should you even care?  In my personal opinion, yes.  One of the things that I’m passionate about as a...

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