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I must admit I’m not a big Earth Day celebrator. To me it’s just a day like any other. Does that mean I’m not concerned about our planet? Not at all. What it means is I and my family do not set aside one day to recognize this great big beautiful world of ours and the responsibility we have been given by our Creator to take care of it and all that is in or on it.

You see, both my husband and myself come from a long line of conscientious caretakers of the planet we live on. Our parents and grandparents and we ourselves were recycling, up-cycling, re-purposing, reusing and reducing long before it became trending or had such politically correct and nice sounding names. We called it passing things on to others, hand-me-downs, being neighborly, helping out, saving, being creative, putting up for later, being thrifty , not being wasteful and similar. Not nearly as glamorous or acceptable sounding, huh?  Growing up, I didn’t find it glamorous or acceptable at all. I found it down right embarrassing and wanted to be more like my peers with lots of new clothes, expensive toys bought from real stores and name brand “stuff” that all the other kids had.  I wanted to not grow and work the large garden every year or trek around in the woods and around old abandoned home-steads to collect fruit from old orchards and in chigger and tick infested wild berry patches to collect berries and such for my mom to put up for the family. I didn’t want to have to sterilize canning jars, cut up fruits and vegetables. I didn’t want to eat home-grown and home-preserved foods and wild game and fish that my step-dad hunted and fished for. I wanted what was cool and popular then.

But as an adult, I thank my family for teaching me to take care of everything I have and/or may have and all that is within my small space on this planet we call Earth. Turns out I’ve been a cool, hardworking, self-sufficient homesteader my entire life and didn’t even know it. And so has my husband who grew up on the family farm, where they grew vegetables and fruits and raised livestock and worked hard for everything. We learned the value of taking on what you need and putting back for everything you take. We learned working hard has rewards and appreciating what we are blessed with while caring for our little piece of this world where we have been planted is important. And all of these values, we are teaching our son as well. For decades, both my husband and I have been doing things that we were raised to do and now enjoy doing ourselves such as gardening, preserving, conserving, reusing, repurposing, upcycling, sustaining, buying local and small business, and anything we can do to reduce. We are a thrifty family, y’all! Who knew all this would become trendy. *wink*

Earth Day - NSC cares about HOME

I also carry all this into Neos Skin Care. Did you know we are purposeful in many of the things we do to help sustain natural resources and not add to the clutter?  Here’s a few things we do around here to help make our planet better.

I save and reuse shipping materials. Reusing packing peanuts, paper and bubble wrap just makes sense. I also reuse shipping boxes, either for our own shipments when possible or for storage of supplies, to carry clothing and other items we no longer need within our family to thrift stores, needy closets and churches where they will be distributed to the less fortunate. Not only are these small acts more economical, thus reducing our costs and yours, it also means less waste and unneeded pile up in landfills.

I also save and reuse wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags for the same purpose and reason. I even save greeting cards to make postcards out of when I can.

I use reusable, colorful paper packing material such as crinkle shred or tissue paper in many of the shipping boxes we send out. Not only because it’s pretty but I buy recycled crinkle shred and tissue paper for this. So it gets recycled and reused twice.

I reuse plastic shopping bags from the stores as small garbage bags, to store items in for later use, as packing material in shipping boxes or to carry fresh produce, food or items to others.

I reuse large bulk containers we receive supplies in and even many good, more stable food containers we get for recanting and storing various supplies and ingredients in.

I don’t print or send invoices with orders, relying on our shopping cart gateway, PayPal, which sends electronic receipts to customers. I think my website cart may also send electronic order confirmations. I’m not positive on that so if anyone can tell me if that’s so, I’d appreciate it.

I use electronic filing systems and records keeping, only using paper when I must do so.

I not only formulate the products we offer for effectiveness, I also choose to use ingredients that are more sustainable and plentiful and that leave less of a drain and strain on nature.

I don’t promote this in my literature or marketing material because I am not certified organic and dislike when people say or imply they are when they aren’t but about 70% of the ingredients I use are certified organic.

I use containers and packaging that can be recycled or cleaned up and and reused, are biodegradable or that leave a small footprint if thrown out.

Those little in house printed post cards you get in your box….Yes ma’am, they’re printed on recycled paper.

I buy from and support ethical suppliers who are also taking small steps to preserve and conserve.

I don’t buy new cell phones or tech equipment every 1-3 years and only do so when needed. Less waste and garbage again.

These are just some of the things we do here at Neos Skin Care. This planet is our home and we should take care of it because it’s the only one we have. I can’t save the earth. It’s just too big and vast for me to even try. But I can leave it better than I found it and do my part to cherish it, appreciate it and care for it. I can train my child to be observant and nurturing to all that he is given and not be wasteful. And I hope that I am doing just that. I see it like this. This is our home, the only one we have. We should maintain it and improve it. Just my thoughts on the subject.

I’m gonna say bye y’all for now. Enjoy the Ahhh moments and please cherish what you’ve been blessed with. I know I do.


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