Hey y’all! Just a really quick post here to let you know what’s going on here in the Tennessee hills at Neos Skin Care™ headquarters.  As you may know, each year, I take 3-4 weeks off around Christmas and New Year’s to be with my family, take care of clerical business tasks and just try to get caught up in other areas of my life as well as mentally and physically recharge. During that time, we are closed and I don’t process orders or make product at all, unless it’s for R and D purposes. The site and boutique is open with a discount code offered so people can place orders online through the shop during my absence. But they won’t even be looked at until I come back from my “vacation”.


So here’s where it gets good. After careful consideration and a look at my schedule, I’ve decided to interrupt my break to have a flash sale this weekend. I don’t usually do this while on “vacation”. So why this time? Here’s the absolutely honest to goodness truth. I need to raise a little cash to cover a few business expenses (supplies and such). Pssst!  Supplies for new products to bring to the DIY Collection as well as standing favorites in the other collections. And also I need to purchase homeschool material for my son that wasn’t planned for so it wasn’t budgeted for.  As I thought through the situations at hand and crunched numbers, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe y’all would love a chance to take advantage of a last minute promotion AND to help a belle out in the process.

Soooo…..Saturday, December 31 at 12 noon through Sunday, January 1 until midnight (EST) the following will be on sale in the boutique during the Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year Flash Sale. No codes. No hoops. Just put it in your cart to get the promo price this weekend.

Buff N’ Beauty™ Scrub & Masque Combo

Morning Dew™ Firming Facial Toner 

Good Ole’ Days™ Reviving Serum

Bare Face™ Day & Night Moisturizer

Wonders™ Ultimate Eye Serum

Night Life™ AHA Night Time Peel

Extreme Cream Whip™ (in your choice of our exclusive fragrances or unscented)

Body & Hand Lotion with Buttermilk (in your choice of our exclusive fragrance or unscented)

Gimme Lip™ Butter Balm (Buy 3, get 1 free)

*No other discounts or promo codes can be applied to these products during the Goodbye 
  Old Year, Hello New Year Flash Sale

In addition to these product discounts, I still have a number of containers and packaging available that I no longer need and will not use. I offered these up in a Deal Grab during our 12 Days of Thanks Customer Appreciation event. Some items that were claimed I didn’t get the follow-up necessary for me to complete the Deal Grab. Others were never claimed.  You may like to grab some of these at well below even large bulk wholesale prices while they are available. These offers stand until every last count of each item is claimed and headed to a new home. Just check this post on my Facebook Fan page for links to the individual Deal Grab posts. If there is something you’re interested in, send me a message through the page or on my personal profile (for those on my friends list) to ask if any are still available.

That’s all! I need to get some sleep and get up early to set the boutique up for the flash sale.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy New Year!

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