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Wait, did she say “Let’s get naked”?  I sure did. Our feet are crying out to go naked. At least mine are because honestly, I don’t really like shoes and barefoot is my preference year round. Although I do love thick fuzzy socks in cold weather.  Anyways, here it is nearing the end of March….about time to let our tootsies see the light of day in all their naked glory and be dazzling in those oh so cute sandals that we love so much. But lawdy mercy, my feet are nowhere near presentable or sexy.  Months spent in socks and heavy closed toe shoes may have your feet singing the blues in desperation for some TLC too.  No worries!  With just a little time and attention, we can have our soles dancing naked in the green grass and skinny-dipping in the pool. 


* Remove nail polish before beginning with step 1.

Soak your feet in a soothing milk foot bath to soften the skin and help the feet relax. Those puppies work hard everyday, ya’ know. You can use a large bowl, pot or storage container for your foot tub. Whatever you have on hand that works.

HOW TO: Fill your foot tub/container to 2/3 full with very warm water. Add 1 cup hydrogen peroxide + 1 cup of whole/high fat milk, buttermilk or heavy cream + 1/4 cup sea salt or epsom salt to the tub. For a fragrant foot bath, add 2-6 drops each of lavender, peppermint or spearmint and orange essential oils to the milk/cream, mixing it thoroughly before pouring it in the water. For added luxury, toss in a handful or fresh or dried rose petals or lavender buds for a luxurious spa soak. Soak for 15-20 minutes to soften the skin and cuticles and to relieve foot fatigue.



Use a pumice stone or heel and callous block to remove thickened skin and callouses, paying special attention to heels and balls of feet. Wash feet with a gentle soap or body wash, then rinse well.   * Coming Soon:  You can purchase a pumice stone or a heel and callous block in our new Pop-Up & Pick-Up Shop section at the online boutique (while limited supplies last). I’ll hopefully get those listed in the next few days.



* You may want to replace your water with fresh warm water before this next step.

Rub on a foot appropriate scrub with a good exfoliation medium such as a pumice, crushed walnut, large grain salt or sugar or fine grain sand. Use a firm massaging motion to exfoliate and smooth skin for a polished look and feel. Spend a little extra rub time on the bottom and back of heels, the toe pads and the balls of feet where our feet get more wear and tear. Don’t forget the tops and your ankle area. Rinse off the scrub really well with fresh, clean water and pat completely dry with a towel. Try using our Decadent Dollop™ Body Cream to make a wonderfully luxurious DIY foot scrub in minutes. Or contact me to order a custom-made foot scrub off-site.



TIP: While you have the scrub handy, do a quick scrub rub on your hands. They need TLC too.



Push back cuticles with an orange stick or the stiffer edging of a washcloth and clean around and under the nails as needed.



Trim toenails to an appropriate length.



File and shape nails with a professional nail board to smooth the edges and take off points.



Buff the nail bed with a good nail brush or nail buffer.



Clean any residue that may be left behind after the foot bath, scrub and grooming from on and around the nail beds with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover so the fresh polish will adhere well.



Apply a base coat polish to nails. Allow to dry well. This helps the rest of your polish go on smoothly. Apply a coat or two of nail polish in whatever color you choose, allowing to dry well in between coats. Or do a French tip style polish if you prefer. There are French tip kits that you can get anywhere nail polish and accessories are sold. Add nail art or decorative designs if that appeals to you. Allow to dry well. Apply a top coat to help seal your color/design, add high gloss shine and protect from chipping. Allow to dry completely.



Rub feet and ankles down with a thick, emollient-rich foot cream or lotion to moisturize and soften them to perfection. Or have someone special do it for you. This is where I enlist my hubby’s help to get a dreamy, put me in La La Land foot massage. *wink*



Now your feet are soft, sexy and ready to go naked. Look at those lovely little piggies so pretty and bright. And OMGosh….those heels and toes feel marvelous, darlin’. Listen, when your feet look and feel good, it just makes you feel good all over.  Try it. You’ll see. 



TOE TAPPING TIP: In between pedicures, pamper your feet nightly with a good rub of cream or lotion to keep them hydrated and supple.



Take a stroll on over to the Neos Skin Care Facebook fan page. Look for this blog shared in a post. Join in the “Share Your Naked Feet Pic” invite and show us your naked (or adorned) feet. Extra points for interesting or unique polish designs and styles. 🙂 



Until next time…..enjoy the Ahhh Moments!

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