Scent love? What is that? It’s simple really. Scent love is the fragrances we love…..our favorite scents. We all have them. And no two people’s scent love list is exactly the same. I have a wide fragrance palette that appreciates and like many scents for different reasons and uses at different times. For cosmetics, I lean toward feminine florals, clean and fresh scents, sensual exotics, or warm fragrances with a hint of sweet, a smidge of spice or wood and a tad of smooth resinous anchoring. For home, I’m all over the map on any given day. Being a professional formulator, a handcrafted cosmetic artisan and a budding aromatherapy practitioner (currently working on formal training for “certification” and registration), I’m surrounded by fragances pretty much all day every day. So a wide scent palette is good to have in my world.


But not everyone is like me in that aspect. Most people are very defined in their scent love, especially for personal care or home care. You may like sweet, foodie or fruity notes but hate florals. Another person may like earthy and herbaceous scents but finds anything sweet appalling. Yet another may be drawn to citrusy or water scents but finds fruity somehow offensive. While still another may prefer airy or salty aromas or something more piney and rugged outdoor’ish but herbaceous or earthy makes them curl their noses up. Within these fragrance families, one may like some of the options and not like others. Some like the same scents year round while others like to change it up with their mood or the seasons or the occasion. Add to this, the regional and media influences of fragrance popularity and it’s all over the field. There’s really no one size fits all for scent love.


This can make it quite the challenge when selecting fragrances to offer to my customers. Believe it or not, formulating a product is usually a breeze for me but deciding on what fragrances to offer them in makes my head hurt. Really! It does. There are unlimited possibilities for fragrance combinations using a multitude of natural, semi-natural and lab-created fragrance components. They can be simple or complex. I spend a good deal of time researching and blending new scents, reading about scent trends, weighing out the options and trying to decide what my customers may like. Let me tell you….IT AIN’T EASY! As hard as I try, I can’t read the minds, or in this case, the noses of my audience. I’ve had fragrance flops that just didn’t seem to be received or desired when I thought they would be a hit. I’ve had scent successes that took off and were very much loved……much to my surprise. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to the whole scent love affair or why they are appealing on a wide scale or in a niche. *cue the radiating squiggly lines around my head* 



This is largely because scent is subjective, not only in how we perceive aromas but also in how we receive them. Fragrance is, by and large, a completely individual and personal thing. Yes, some people tend to be heavily influenced by the popularity of a scent in their scent preferences. Remember when cucumber melon was all the rage? But for the most part, each of us is drawn to or repelled by fragrances that do something for us emotionally and mentally. Scent activates the mind-body connection which incites emotional and mental responses that effect the body, either in positive or negative ways. Whew! That’s a mouthful. But to out it simply, aromas effect trigger memories and emotions. An aroma may bring back fond memories or remind us of people, places or events that were special to us. A particular scent with a positive mind-body connection may make us “feel”  happy, powerful, relaxed, pretty, sensual or energized. We like those scents because they make us feel good and find them desirable. “Scent Love”. Likewise, an aroma can trigger an unhappy or uncomfortable memory, making us “feel” stressed, fearful, apprehensive, weak, saddened, disgusted, etc. Thus we don’t like that particular scent because it doesn’t make us feel good. Those scents that put us on a negative mind-body connection plain, we do not find them appealing or desirable. “Scent Dislike/Hate”. Couple the mind-body connection from scents with olfactory differences in how our nose and brain distinguishes scent notes and interprets them and the result is as individual as a fingerprint. 


It’s here that I would like to point out that while this mind-body connection and olfactory system nuances play a part in aromatherapy, aromatherapy is not strictly ‘aroma’ (or just scent/fragrance) and the feelings the scent of essential oils incite. Aromatherapy has strong and solid scientific roots involving the chemistry of the aromatics themselves and how those chemical constituents actually affect internal systems and work within the body and bloodstream for therapeutic purposes, both physically and emotionally, in a tangible and notable manner. Yes, in medicinal ways. These therapeutics are dose and application method dependent as well. Aromatherapy is a finely tuned science combined with art as a medicinal modality. That’s much bigger, deeper and more complex than ‘just scent’, ‘fragrance to please the nose’, and ‘aromas’. 


Back to product fragrances and my point of this blog writing. With the exception of a few select signature products we offer at Neos Skin Care™ and the Mineral Facial Care Collection™ in the original signature scent, Neos Skin Care has always offered product ranges and fragrance selection with a boutique style. That means instead of each product being available in a specific fragrance as is pretty common in handcrafted and artisan cosmetics and soaps, we offer the majority of our products in a select of fragrances across the board so you can vary your preferences any way you want. You can choose a variety of products all in the same fragrance or in complimentary fragrances to layer your scent for all day or all night olfactory system pleasure. Or you can do completely different scents for every product you choose to purchase. 


The scents in our current lineup were selected for a reason. They feature aromatic characteristics that I and my team found pleasant or they are suited to the product and brand. If a scent we tested fit the profile I set and it worked well with the product formulation (because not every fragrance will fit and work well in every product), it was selected and given the prestigious honor of being “a Neos Skin Care™ exclusive fragranceBut change is always on the horizon and is a good thing. It’s never a good thing to get into a rut and we should be willing to venture outside of our comfort zone. So change is coming to Neos. It’s time to purge and change it up the fragrance selections and products.


As I have been reviewing our fragrances so I can begin shaking up the fragrance offerings around here, I’ve noted there are only one or two that seem to be consistently selected by customer. “Sandalwood Silk” and “Unscented” are clearly appreciated. But beyond that, there’s no clarity of what my customers like and order often. What’s there now doesn’t seem to be working with your scent love except for a couple of top sellers. I can’t keep them all plus add others.  It’s crucial to keep the scent selections to a select few for manageability on my end and to prevent overwhelm on your end. What do the experts say? What are the leans for my clientele and why? How am I to choose what to cut and what to bring in? I don’t know. ACK!


Then I thought to myself “Ginger, honey! Why not just go to the source and get feedback? Your customers know what they want.” Great idea! Right? Yes. It makes more sense to hear from real people who have real likes than listening to the so-called experts making guesstimates, assumptions and projections of what people will like. Honestly, I think their input often heavily influences what people will like just by them saying what people will like. The power of suggestion at work, ya’ know?


Anyways, back to my great idea. I want to make sure I offer fragrances and products that are wanted and loved. Only you can help me make sense of your scent love. With that said, I’m asking for a few minutes of your time and a few clicks of the keyboard. Would you be so kind as to please drop in at our Facebook page to find this article posted and tell me…..




It would be so helpful to me and very much appreciated if you would weigh in on your likes and dislikes so I can improve your Neos Skin Care experience. 

Thanks a bunch, y’all. 

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