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Our Fragrances

Ahhh!  Fragrances. Scents. Aromas.

Whatever you call them, when they are good notes they make our life better and help create those Ahhh moments.  The majority of our fragrances are exclusive and signature scents that I create and hand blend just for the Neos Skin Care™ lines. I take great pride in providing scents that are unique, tantalizing and appealing.  Below you will find descriptions of our scents and the products they are available in. This will help you decide which ones you want to try.  Some are top sellers and have been the most requested for the last few years. Top sellers are marked  for your convenience.  Some fragrances are still new to our fragrance selections so they are yet to be fully discovered by our clients.  There are other products that have their own signature scents and our soaps have additional fragrances added to the list. Neos Skin Care™ products are designed in boutique style so they are perfect for scent layering and creating themed sets for gift giving.



Cherry Jasmine – The tartness of ripe cherries comes alive with the soft, delicate flora appeal of jasmine petals to create a fragrance so unique and delicious. *Top Seller

Debutante – A simply beautiful feminine scent of magnolia and gardenia blooms with soft, sexy powder and warm amber notes to balance it out. *Top Seller

Hope Chest – A young girl’s hopes and dreams for the future and a mature woman’s memories are brought to life in this lovely fragrance. Heirloom linens, handmade antique lace, treasured family quilts, a christening gown, hand embroidered hankies…..all freshly laundered and folded just so. This scent is all that and more rolled up into one, clean, fresh and comforting fragrance to remind you of days gone by and days to come.

Lace & Pearls – A seductively chic scent that captures the delightful femininity of floral blossoms, water and tart lime rounded off with the allure of vetiver and sandalwood. It’s quite intoxicating and ever so slightly innocent. *Top Seller

Peaceful Oasis  – Slip away to your own tranquil place to rejuvenate with this soothing blend of softly scented floras, light fruits, salty sea air and the exotic warm undertones of musk and amber. It’s a scent that will take you to your own oasis of peace.

Red Poppy – Sweet fruits and exotic spices are blended with fragrant flowers, myrrh and sandalwood to create a mysterious oriental fragrance that is sexy and sultry with a touch of spice.

Sandalwood Silk – A warm and rich exotic sandalwood fragrance with just the slightest note of sweet floral.

Vanilla Coconut Milk – Warm, aromatic vanilla bean blended with the creamy richness of  topical coconut milk come together for a comforting  island inspired scent that is sweet and sexy. (Note: Because this fragrance has high vanillin content, it discolors product to a yellow, tan or brown. This is not an indication of an inferior product, just a high percentage of vanilla in the mix.)  *Top Seller

Watermelon Peach –  Juicy watermelon and sweet southern peaches with a hint of a mystery bloom make this scent delicious and, light and feminine. Perfect for any age or season.

SOAP FRAGRANCES – All of the above listed fragrances, plus….

Citrus Herb – Inhale the crisp, sweet aroma of bergamot, fresh sliced oranges and lemons with the clean, herbal freshness of terragon & sage leaves.

CranOrange Fusion – A perfect blend of sweet, ripe oranges and tart cranberries create a sweet treat with just the right amount of sass.

Double Mint Tea –  Two times the mint. Two times the tea. Peppermint, spearmint, green tea and white teas are expertly blended for this cool, refreshing fragrance.

Honey Almond –  The rich sweetness of golden honey with the fresh nutty bite of toasted almonds for a clean, fresh scent that is delicate and positively lovely. *Top Seller

Juicy Pear – Mmmm! Pears! The deliciously light, delicate and slightly sweet scent of juicy ripe pears.

Moonlight Falls – How would moonlight beaming through a waterfall smell?  Fresh and bright with a mysterious, sexy note that seems to be radiant with anticipation and captivates with its freshness and inviting water. Yeah….this scent is just like that.

MANLY FRAGRANCES – available in soap and by special custom order in the Body Care Collection or Bath & Shower Collection products

Cowboy – A unique manly man fragrance blend of aged leather, suede, basic, woodsy cedar, tumbleweeds and earth, grounded with amber and musk. This scent just breathes “cowboy” and will have you saying “Whoa, Nellie!”

Man In Black – Show your mysterious side with this men’s scent that takes lemon, bergamot and fir blended with leather, musk and woods to create an ultra modern and super sexy fragrance that will have the ladies swooning.

Southern Gentleman – This downright sexy man fragrance begins with Kaffir lime, juicy lemon and the clean notes of ozone, cucumber, black pepper and basil blended with the over the top manliness of vetiver and spice. Absolutely a true gentleman scent with character….just like a southern man. *Top Seller

KID FRIENDLY FRAGRANCES – available in soap and by special custom order in the Body Care Collection or Bath & Shower Collection products

Bubble Gum – The sweet, juicy pink bubble gum from your childhood.

Cotton Candy – That favorite melt-in-your-mouth spun sugar treat adored by kids of all ages. *Top Seller

Toasted Marshmallow – The ooey gooey, warm, sweet, golden brown campfire treat. You will savor the sweet delicious nostalgia.

BUTTERED CORNBREAD BODY SCRUB – only available in these product specific signature fragrances

Corn Cakes – Cornmeal, sweet corn, buttermilk, butter and that sweet secret ingredient to make yummy even more mouth-watering. No southern belle’s home is complete without Corn Cakes on the menu.

Milk & Honey – Sweet milk and golden honey takes cornbread to a whole new level of delicious. *Top Seller


Available in Peppermint only (from peppermint essential oil) *Top Seller


Each Mineral Facial Care collection product has a light fresh scent with aquatic notes that our customers just love. *Our #1 selling products across the board

GIMME LIP BUTTER BALM: (note that these are not actually flavors but lip safe fragrances)

Cherries Jubilee – the mouth-watering aroma of warm tart cherries with a little something extra

Dark Chocolate – just good, rich dark chocolate

Divinity Fudge – a decadent Southern confection with pure vanilla and pecans

Kahlua CakeArabica coffee, chocolate, rum, sugar, vanilla and nuts come together to delight your nose

Peppermint Pucker – cool, refreshing peppermint that will have you puckering up for more

Tropical Tantrum – an appealing island vacation drink filled with tropical fruit deliciousness

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