Decadent Dollop™ Body Cream – DIY Size

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You never knew a dollop of pure decadence like this existed. And now it’s available for you to play “mad scientist” with. Formulated for you to customize with your own essential oils, fragrance oil or a few select additives, it’s perfect for personal use or to create unique personalized gifts for family or friends. Comes with a project idea sheer for you to experiment creating multiple products from this one base.

16 oz. net wt.

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Dollops should be creamy and decadent and this one does not disappoint.  Picture it….You….In your kitchen. You open a massive 16 oz. jar of fluffy, triple whipped creamy goodness featuring extra virgin olive oil, odorless cocoa butter, light rice bran oil, nurturing avocado oil, honeyquat, and green tea and aloe vera leaf extracts. All the while, you’re wondering will you ever use all of this big ole’ jar of gloppity goop.  There’s an awful lot of cream in that jar. You scoop out an ounce or two into a glass bowl, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy blend or perhaps a good quality fragrance oil. You stir it in to the cream to saturate every decadence smear of cream. The aroma wafts to your nose. Ahhh! You dip your finger in and take out a small dollop and rub it on your shoulder.  Then a little on your dry, rough elbow. Oh Emm Goodness! You sigh with a deep ecstatic release then deeply breathe in the aroma of your creation. Wow! That rough patch of skin is hardly noticeable! And your shoulder feels so good and free!  You sink into a calm relaxed mindset that’s happy…joyful even. As you put your personally customized aromatherapy cream into a small jar and place your fun and colorful label on it so you can remember what’s in this little jar of delight, you wonder how you ever lived without this product for so long. You pick up the project idea sheet that came with this jar of decadence and open it. Oh my! There’s an interesting DIY project using this cream. And that one! A scrub? Really? Oooh, you wanna try that! Your mind turns to Aunt Martha, Uncle Buck, Granny, your sister, your BFF. You start planning the perfect little gift for each of them made with your own hands and the help of this amazing dollop of decadence. You realize this seemingly massive jar may not be enough for all the things you want to make and people you want to share with. And you thank the good Lord above, Neos Skin Care™ and the head belle for awesomesauce and convenience you never want to be without again.

OK, so maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that but it’ll be close to it. You just have to try it to see why the Neos Skin Care testing team fell in love with this cream base designed for DIY’ing with and called it “decadent”.  In fact, they helped name it.

Decadent Dollop Body Cream is formulated to handle up to 20% scent load and is specifically designed to work well as a carrier in aromatherapeutic applications. As a moisturizer, it’s tough on dry skin and softens beautifully while adding scent to skin when scented. As an aromatherapy suitable carrier, it’s formula helps deliver the aromatics deep into the skin for increased benefit. * It is strongly advised that you follow the recommended safe dermal maximums set by the IFRA, EU or Tisserand & Young in “Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition” for essential oils or fragrance oils to reduce risks and help avoid skin irritations or adverse reactions.

Fun Fact

Olive oil has long been a staple for use in skin care, the kitchen, and the apothecary. For centuries, olive oil has been a widely used beauty choice to soften and condition skin, to alleviate dry skin and to minimize the signs of aging. Likewise, it’s long been a healthy and easily accessible choice for culinary masterpieces and cuisine around the world. It’s high smoke and flash point makes it an excellent choice for dishes cooked at high temps to prepare them quickly. It’s also the first choice for herbal infusions, oil-bases and delivery systems for medicinal purposes. Ever heard of “sweet oil”? Guess what? The sweet oil used in home remedies for earaches or tummy troubles was….yes, you guessed it. Sweet oil is another name for olive oil…specifically, extra virgin olive oil. It got the name “sweet oil” because of its sweet taste in comparison to other oils. So the next time you see an old home remedy calling for “sweet oil”, reach for your EVOO. It’s the original. 


Water, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Avocado Oil, Green Tea Extract, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Honeyquat, Beeswax*, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Titanium Dioxide

*A small percentage of beeswax may be added during hot summer months to reduce the risk of heat issues during transport.

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Weight 17 oz

1 review for Decadent Dollop™ Body Cream – DIY Size

  1. verginturk (verified owner)

    Love NEOS DIY Collection!! Decadent Dollop is just that – decadent!! My skin loves it! I love that I know it’s formulated specifically as a base product to add EO’s to. I have yet to be disappointed in NEOS products. I’m ruined for store bought lotions, skin care and face care. ❤️

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