Pampered Patootie™ Body Pudding – DIY Size

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DIY’ers rejoice! Now you can pamper all the patooties in your life…and we know they need to be pampered….with high quality, expertly formulated skin care goodness you can customize and personalize yourself.

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That’s right! Now you can pamper your patootie and satisfy your DIY craving with…..(drumroll)….BODY PUDDING!   This luxurious unscented body moisturizer is thicker and fluffier than run-of-the-mill lotion but less oil-heavy than a typical cream. An extraordinary unscented base product for DIY projects, Pampered Patootie™ Body Pudding is packed with skin loving goodness from high oleic sunflower oil, shea butter, antioxidant rich botanical extracts of olive leaf, Africa red bush, gingko biloba, white tea and green tea, plus our exclusive signature deep delivery system.  Everything you want and nothing you don’t, it’s perfect for personalized gifts or as a carrier for aromatherapy needs. It comes packaged in a wide mouth jar for easy scooping and in a hefty 16 oz. size so you have enough for various projects and gifts. This stuff is pure, sweet DIY’er bliss, y’all! Oh…did I mention it comes with a project idea sheet created specifically for expanding your DIY horizons? How does a massage lotion sound? Yes, it’s easy with this thick creamy lotion base and a few of your own additives. It just doesn’t get any better.

Fun Fact

When I was searching for a name for this product, I kept coming back to “body pudding” as the product type because of the consistency and texture. My test team agreed it fit and felt right. But what to name the product itself to keep in line with my style was not so easy. My team suggested some form of “pamper” in the name. I agreed it was a must. They also insisted I bring my sass into it. Hmm….OK. Then, out of the blue, “Pampered Patootie” came to mind. Would you believe while I was taking a bath? Yes…that’s my thinking place. So to the online dictionaries I went because in my world, “patootie” had a specific slang meaning with a risque connotation. I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s a formal British English word and an informal US English word defined as: *1) patootie – noun –  an attractive young woman or a girlfriend   (UK – /pəˈtuː.ti/); (US informal /pəˈtuː.t̬i/)  *2) cutie patootie – slang expression phrase – someone or something so cute that the word “cute” itself has to morph into something cuter  Ahhh…perfect! Pampered Patootie™ Body Pudding it became and forever will be.

Helpful How-To

Pampered Patootie™ Body Pudding is formulated to handle up to 20% scent load and is specifically designed to work well as a carrier in aromatherapeutic applications. As a moisturizer, it’s hydates dry skin and softens beautifully while adding scent to skin when scented. As an aromatherapy suitable carrier, it’s formula helps deliver the aromatics deep into the skin for optimal benefit. * It is strongly advised that you follow the recommended safe dermal maximums set by the IFRA, EU or Tisserand & Young in “Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition” for essential oils or fragrance oils to reduce risks and help avoid skin irritations or adverse reactions.

Ingredient Highlight

Often overlooked or ignored for skin care applications, sunflower seed oil is actually a very heavy hitter in the skin health and care world. High in linoleic acid, its ability to help restore and maintain the skin barrier function has been repeatedly researched and shown quite effective in scientific studies with excellent results from topical applications with neonates, children and adults alike. With its naturally occurring antioxidant-rich chemical composition and essential fatty acid profile, sunflower seed oil serves us well topically in decreasing transepidermal water loss, helping to keep skin hydrated and it’s suggested it may offer anti-inflammatory properties. Sunflower seed oil’s excellent transcutaneous absorption has and is being researched for dermatologic applications in relation to skin issues and concerns requiring medicinal attention. It’s also one many of us reach for when making various herbal oil infusions for skin, hair and culinary use. As humble and simple as it may be in the eyes of many, sunflower seed oil really is a skin lover we should all explore a little more. It’s also great in culinary uses as well.


Water, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Grapeseed Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Honeyquat, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, African Red Bush Extract,  Ginko Biloba Extract, White Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Titanium Dioxide


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Weight 16 oz


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