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Buff N’ Beauty™ is back, baby! And with a new purpose. That’s right! The creamy delicious botanical and emollient-rich lotion base that made our previously offered ready-made wet scrub/masque combo so luxurious and effective has been upgraded and refined to be better and more versatile than ever. Serious lusciousness that just screams luxury spa facial treatment.  Your skin will love you for it!

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Refresh and beautify your skin with our amazing and revolutionary Buff N’ Beauty™ Masque Mixer designed for you to mix with your favorite dry masque at home for a personalized masque experience. With a dynamic proprietary blend of light oils, botanical extracts for skin-quenching hydration and to decrease the appearance of aging and our exclusive deep penetration enhancers to get all the good stuff where it needs to be, Buff N’ Beauty Masque Mixer steps up any facial masque to the next level….and then some. Mix it with any of our dry botanical masques to form a creamy “paste” for a facial care experience that just screams luxury spa quality facial. It’s pure luxury skin TLC. Your skin will glow with freshness and true natural beauty you didn’t know was possible. Packaged in a 4 oz. bottle with disc cap for easy dispensing, Buff N’ Beauty™ Masque Mixer takes the guess work out of what to mix into your masque.  Looks like a lotion. Replenishes moisture and suppleness. Feels like bliss in a bottle.


Distilled Water, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax NF, Stearic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Vegetable Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Extract, Jujube Fruit Extract, Willow Leaf Extract, Amalaki Fruit Exract, Sea Kelp Extract, Algae Extract, Dead Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Carrageenan/Irish Moss Extract, Fennel Fruit Extract, Nori Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Fragrance (when applicable), Tocopherols (vitamin E),  titanium dioxide (0.01%)

Fun Fact:

Beauty masks/masques have been around for centuries and can be found in practically every culture on earth. Royalty and commoners alike have utilized ingredients from the earth and plants to pamper and cleanse their skin for generations. Muds, clays, herbs, vegetables and fruits are the most commonly used ingredients, giving us endless possibilities for masques that target and beautify skin exactly like we want and need. Just as plentiful are the countless wetting agents one can use to create a truly individualized, custom masque to fit our needs. 

Helpful How To:

Mix into your dry masque mix to form a creamy paste. Apply masque to clean face, neck and chest, scrubbing gently in an upward circular motion for about 2 minutes. Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes or until masque is dry or mostly dry, but not cracking. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry with a soft, absorbent towel. Advisory: Limit using facial masques or scrubs of any kind to once a week beauty treatments.


Tip #1:  For additional exfoliation, mix 1 part dry masque to 1 part fine grain white or brown sugar. Then mix with this masque mixer lotion to create a 2-in-1 scrub & masque combo.

Tip #2:  To further customize your masque, combine Buff N’ Beauty Masque Mixer with your own additional wetting agent by the masque. Mix a cooled tea or coffee, hydrosol, witch hazel, beer, wine, aloe gel, fruit or vegetable juice, milk or full fat cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, fixed oil or other “wet” ingredient to a single one-time-use serving of the mixer, at a 1 part additive to 2-3 part mixer ratio. Combine well. Then just mix with your masque in and apply as usual. 

Available in our Mineral Facial Care Collection signature scent (light, fresh, aquatic notes) or Unscented with no scent added which you can customize with up to 1% of your choice of essential oils or aromatic CO2 extracts. Just select your preference from the “Choose an option” drop down button.

Note: Unscented does not mean “odor free”. The ingredients have natural odor/scent so you will smell those. But we don’t add fragrance to it, so technically, it’s “no added scent”. 


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