Good Ole Days™ Reviving Serum

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Remember when life was carefree and easy?  Now you can go back to the good ole days with the skin you remember from way back when. We’ve made it easy for you to deny your age and leave people guessing “How does she do it?”

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First dates. First kisses. Hanging out with friends doing nothing but laughing and having fun. Listening to the Top 40 countdown. When we were young and still thought we knew everything. Ahhh…those were the good ole’ days! We can’t go back to those days when life was easy and our cares and responsibilities were few in real time. But we can start a revival and at least bring back some of the skin vibrancy and resilience with Good Ole’ Days™ Reviving Serum. We pack this oil free skin reviving serum full of Dead Sea minerals, plant based extracts and a generous helping of caffeine, expertly blending them for super hydration and age-denying effects. The results are a more youthful, firmer appearance reminiscent of those exciting days when being an adult was still exciting and new.  The convenient treatment pump helps you get just the right amount for application.  See noticeable improvement with each use and fabulous results in just 4 weeks of daily use. Ahhh…those really are the “Good Ole Days” revived.

Now available in our Mineral Facial Care Collection signature scent (light, fresh, aquatic notes) or Unscented. Just select your preference in the Options section. Important Note: “Unscented” does not mean “aroma free”. Most ingredients have natural odor/scent so you will smell those. When we say “unscented”, it means we don’t add fragrance components to the product. It’s “no added scent”. So don’t be alarmed when you open a product labeled as unscented and you detect a smell to the product. That’s normal and to be expected, especially with oils, butters and botanical extracts.

Fun Facts

Through the ages, women have used some unorthodox and strange treatments to try to look younger. Some of the strangest I’ve heard about are standing on their head so the gravity pulled the skin the other way, rubbing urine or blood (especially from infants or children) on their skin, and covering the face in a paste containing ground metals then using magnets to sweep across the skin and wipe the paste off. This is supposed to lift your skin and eradicate wrinkles. The most recent stranger than strange one that I’ve heard about is putting live snails on the face to let them crawl and leave behind slime. Shutter…and Ewww….times 100! Oh! Oh! Oh! And laying a cloth with some sort of flammable substance on it over your face and lighting it on fire, letting it “burn” for a specific amount of time before extinguishing it. What???!!!!!  Nope….not in a million years. Thank goodness we do not have to go to these weird, gross or dangerous extremes for healthy vibrant skin. I’d be fresh out of luck if we did!

Helpful How-To

Apply Good Ole Days™ Reviving Serum generously to face and neck after your toner, using your fingertips in an up and out, circular motion.  Allow it to soak in completely before applying your moisturizer.


distilled water, glycerin, MSM, Dead Sea minerals (from Dead Sea salts), caffeine, Extracts of:  (Darjeerling tea, black tea, green tea, white tea, goto kola, rooibos/red bush, watermelon fruit, rosehips fruit, wheat germ, ginkgo biloba, St John’s wort, calendula flower, chamomile flower, yarrow flower umbel, geranium leaf, sunflower seed, willow leaf, amalak fruit, algae, fennel fruit), hyaluronic acid, hydrolized soy protein, xanthan gum,  honeyquat, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, fragrance (proprietary blend of fragrance and/oil essential oils)

2 fl. oz.

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Natural Unscented, Signature Scent

1 review for Good Ole Days™ Reviving Serum

  1. Pat S.

    Don’t be put off by the price. A little of this serum goes a long way. It glides on & once dry/absorbed it adds a noticeable but never sticky firmness to your skin. Love it!

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