As you may or may not already know, I’m a hands-on founder and CEO of a small handcrafted cosmetics company.  I not only run the company but I also create, formulate and make the products by hand from scratch myself.  I market the products,  handle all orders and clients personally, do all of our social media interaction myself, handle necessary paperwork, participate in craft shows and festivals, offer products for resale to vendors and everything in between from great to small with the help of my husband when he’s able.  I’m also a wife and homemaker, a work at home mom and I’m homeschooling my son.  To say my days are busy, even though I am at home, is a gross understatement.  I have to plan my days well to keep my sanity and to have some semblence of organization and strucuture. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, that doesn’t happen.

Four Kinds Of Days

Now some days areabsolutely fantastic, with everything going according to plan, even better than planned. There are some days that I wouldn’t call fantastic but they’re still good.   On down the line, there are those not so good days when some things get out of sorts and don’t run as smoothly as then could or should.  Then there are the days I call crapper days, when everything gets out of sorts, I hear myself saying CRRAAPP!!! more times than I can count and pretty much the every single thing related to that day ends up in the toilet.

Guess Which One Today Seems To Be

Crraapp!  Looks like today is a crapper day!  It started heading for the crapper first thing this morning, with the phone ringing and waking everyone up.  Crraapp!  “Hulloh” I say sleepily.  It’s my dad saying they are coming to see us this morning and will be here in just a little bit.  Crraapp!  I haven’t seen my dad for a few months and am glad he is coming to see my son but Crraapp!  So I spring into a sleepy rush.  I’m run around trying to get myself and my son dressed, get breakfast for my son and coffee for me, get the dog fed and taken out and take care of a couple of things I need to do before my morning gets taken away.

A half an hour or so goes by and still noone at my door.  Darling Hubs comes home from working all night.  He grabs himself a bite to eat and heads for the shower and then bed.  Still no visitors.  Well Crraapp!  A little while is becoming a long while.

Looks Like This Day Has The Runs

Thinking I may be able to salvage some of my morning, I begin my beauty kitchen project for the day, a lovely and somewhat complex cream.  By then, it’s been almost 2 hours since my dad called to say they would be here soon but I know how it goes with them so I figure I’ll have time to get my emulsion blended before he and my stepmom arrive or at least I can get it blended within the first little bit of their visit.  WRONG!  Over 2 hrs after my dad called, they arrive right when I’m in the middle of heating my water and oil phases for the cream but it’s not ready for blending yet.  Crraapp!

So I stopped  what I was doing, tune down the heat on my phase pots and rush to grab the dog to keep him from going ballistic and waking the hubs up.  I latch the leash on him and head outside before they get to the door.  The dog goes wild, with barking and nipping at these invaders to his territory.  Crraapp!  I hope it isn’t waking up hubs.  We stay outside for the the duration of the visit, all the while, my dad, my stepmom, my son and the dog are getting way to loud for my comfort and right outside of our bedroom window too.  Crraapp!  The dog is wearing me out, pulling his leash and jearking me around.  I can’t go check on my cream phases because if I let the dog loose, he’ll be gone to the road and I can’t bring him in the house with me because he’ll howl and make a racket.  Crraapp!

After at least an hour long visit, my family visitors decide they are ready to go.  Whew!  Now I can go back to my cream production.  All the while, I’ve been praying that my oils and butter didn’t get too hot and my water phase didn’t evaporate or ever cook.

How Many Craps Is That Now?

I head to the beauty kitchen and check the thermometers in my phase pots.  The 2 phases are not cooperating but they aren’t too hot.   However, the water phase temps were not on target with the oil temps.  Crraapp!  I make adjustments to get them more in line with what I want.  By this time, my oils and water phases had been gently heating for over 2 hours, but they had stayed under my maximum temps allowances, so I’m good right?  Not so fast!  I begin my blending.  Uhhh…OK.  This isn’t looking so good.  Crraapp!  My emulsion looks like it may be broken and my 15 lbs of cream is not creaming up like it should.  Double Crraapp!

Toilet with flush water tank

Toilet with flush water tank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aaarrrggghhh…Flush It Already!Now, the dog has been a PIA with howling, barking and running around like his butt’s on fire for the biggest part of the day.  Crraapp!  Keep in mind that all this has been happening while my wonderful hubs is trying to sleep after driving a semi-truck all night long.  I know he needs to sleep for work tonight and I’m not sure if all this is keeping him awake.  Crraapp!   Someone?  Anyone?  Can you toss me some TP please, ’cause I’m ready to flush it!

Regardless of all the crap moments of today, I decided to be happy and full of joy anyway.  After all, tomorrow is another day!  I will not let the events of the day steal my joy or my peace.

Wait…What’s That I See?  Could It Be?

A short while ago, I went to check my cream emulsion which has been cooling.  I immerse the mixer beaters into the stainless steel bowl and begin whipping it up.  Hmmmm….the emulsion isn’t broken after all.  The cream is stable!  WooHoo!  Counseling out one of those Crraapps.   Ok, so it’s not as creamy as I like it to be for our Neos creams but it’ll work nicely for our creamy emulsified scrubs that turn to a rich moisturizing lotion in the shower or tub as you exfoliate and polish your skin to a beautiful smooth glow.  Woot! Woot!  I guess I can take back and cancel out another one of those Crraapps.

Hmmm….Maybe this isn’t so much of a Crapper Day after all! 

The lesson in all this and your Tip Tuesday tip for the week:  There are days that just don’t go the way I want, they even may go horribly wrong in so many ways, but they don’t have to become crapper days.  I can make the conscious choice to be happy anyway and keep my attitude on the upswing.  Something good can and will still come out of it all.

Have you ever had a day like I’ve described, where everything seemed to grow wrong from the moment the day began?  What happened and how did you handle it?

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