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Become A VIB


Are you a VIB™?

Join the Neos Belles’ Club™ and become a “Very Important Belle” with Neos Skin Care™.


The Neos Belles’ Club™ is an elite preferred customer experience designed for VIB’s by a real born and bred modern Southern belle.

Hi, I’m Ginger L. Moore, owner of Neos Skin Care™ and your host. I guess you could say I’m the Head Belle. Let me just take a few moments to tell you about the Neos Belles’ Club™ and what all is in store for you as a VIB™.

As a subscribing member of the club, VIB’s receive access to:

  • Exclusive discounts – No waiting for public sales!
  • Priority order processing
  • Members only, limited edition products and fragrances
  • High-quality product sampler boxes priced well below retail
  • Pre-launch purchasing options for new products
  • The opportunity to contribute valued input on product development
  • Use your Belle status to opt-in as a product tester during final R&D phases for new, luxury skin care products

A Neos Belles’ Club™ membership also includes: 

  • Exclusive members only content on the website
  • A VIB members only newsletter

But wait – there’s more. How do mini-classes and tutorials, Q & A’s, and special participatory projects all contained within an exclusive VIB social community sound to you?

You see, this is not your ordinary preferred customer program. The Neos Belles’ Club is so much more.  It’s sophisticated. It’s modern. It’s hospitable. It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s classy. It’s sassy. It’s casual and comfortable. It’s fun. It’s interesting and informative. It’s everything a belle is and should be.

Don’t you think you deserve that? Yes, you do.


Choose your membership level to fit your budget. We have monthly, quarterly, biannually and yearly memberships available to meet your personal need and allow you to choose your membership savings. Each level up gives a monetary savings on the overall cost of membership fees. Once you subscribe to the Neos Belles’ Club™ you automatically get access to restricted content and members-only perks and benefits and will be given entrance to the private members-only social media group.  This is where most of the magic and fun happens. Later, as an existing VIB™ in good standing, you will get a reminder that your membership is nearing expiration and it’s time to renew. You can choose to renew at your current membership level or to level-up (or down) to a new membership tier at renewal time. We don’t want you to lose out on all the great perks and benefits and amazing camaraderie among the belles’, so be sure to keep your eye on when you can level-up! Leveling up with a longer membership subscription gives you more savings on your membership fees and more value from the experience. You can also opt to cancel your membership at renewal time. But I’m pretty sure you won’t want to do that and miss out on all the Neos Belles’ Club™ has to offer.

Due to the nature of some of our club member activities and my own active participation with each VIB, new members sign-up campaigns are currently restricted to manageable time frames. Restricting open enrollment in this manner allows me and all the VIB’s to get acquainted with one another and gives me time to adequately prep and plan for upcoming club member perks, benefits and group projects and interactive participation. It also helps me keep up with everything and everyone more easily.  If you miss signing up for a open enrollment period for new members, you can grab the next one and jump right in from there. So watch for the open enrollment periods to be announced. You definitely want to get in on the fun and benefits of being a Neos VIB™!

We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for this subscription year. I hope you’ll become a VIB and join us in the Neos Belles’ Club™!

Oh goodness! Where are my manners?  I almost forgot one important bit of info. Y’all don’t forget to read the Membership Agreement.




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