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12 Days of Thanks 2016

12 Days of Thanks 2016 is finally here, y'all!   Go ahead.  Do a WooHoo....Yippee....Happy Dance!   I'll wait a few minutes for you to finish. For those of you who have been around my happy little spot on the internet for a while, you know 12 Days of Thanks is more...

Advice From An Old Farmer

I came across this little gem-laden list of advice from an old farmer recently and thought this was great to start out a new year with. Old Farmer's Advice: Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. Life is...

No One Is An Island Unto Themselves

No One Is An Island Unto Themselves

There's a saying that says "No one is an island unto themselves." What does this mean? Well, it means everything we do or don't do flows out from us and effects those around us. We are not isolated and devoid of connection like an island. Far from it. We are connected...

Our Christmas Schedule

Our Christmas Schedule

The Christmas season brings schedule changes around here. These are the dates you may want to make note of when planning your Neos Skin Care purchases from now until after the New Year.    November 19 - November 30:  Our annual 12 Days of Thanks customer appreciation...

12 Days of Thanks

Tis' the season for good food, good friends, family and gratitude.  And do I ever have a thank you for you to kick off the holiday season!  It's time for.......  Neos Skin Care's 12 Days of Thanks is the biggest event we have each year. It's my way of saying THANK YOU...

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