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Are Your Products Free From…….?

Are Your Products Free From…….?

“Are your products free from…. (insert the current “avoid at all costs” ingredient)?” “Do you use….. (name an ingredient/chemical)?”  Are your products “chemical free”? . I’m often asked if Neos Skin Care products...

Celebrate Women

Woman is a masterpiece, A truly esteemed work of art. Vivid with colors, shadings and textures, Great depth, facets and light,  Such a beauty to behold. Only God, The Master Artist, With divine hands of pure love, Could paint such splendor To...

Feeling Unattractive

When your hair’s a mess, you’ve worn the same clothes for days in a row, you’re bloated from wrong food choices, your hormones are doing a dance, you’ve just caught a shocking glimpse of yourself in the mirror or you’ve been wearing your...

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