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You have selected the Dogwood VIB membership level.

The Dogwood VIB™ level is our quarterly full membership subscription option. Signing up for the Dogwood VIB™ membership level gives you access to all the Neos Belles' Club perks and benefits for 12 months. Yearly renewal is required to continue receiving your membership access and benefits at that membership level. All membership levels are set to be a recurring payment. For auto renewal to occur, you must allow recurring payments with Paypal for the Neos Belles' Club membership subscription.

You may choose to level-up to a longer/higher membership subscription level to receive additional membership fee savings. Each membership tier above your current membership level gives you a nice little savings over the one before it. If you prefer, you can also level-down to a shorter/lower membership level. Budgets, the need to mind your pennies and unexpected incidentals are totally understood around here, so if you find you need to opt for shorter commitments, we gladly welcome you to do so.

To level up or down, you will need to cancel your subscription just prior to the expiration date before the auto renewal resets the membership and charges you the membership fee to your Paypal payment method. I recommend 1-2 days ahead of your expiration/renewal date. Then you can resubscribe with the new subscription level of your choice. This should change your membership level and give a new renewal date and recurring payment plan.
* Just as an FYI, each level-up affords you a slight % off savings on your "per month" full membership fee cost over the previous VIB level payment option plan before it.  In other words, the longer you subscribe for, the more you save on your membership fees when you divide up the cost by the months.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not have access to your Paypal account, financial or payment method information, therefore I cannot help you with anything that is Paypal related or the recurring payment allowance. If for any reason, you decide your want to cancel your subscription to the Neos Belles' Club as a full VIB, please be aware refunds will not be issued unless cancellation is made within 3 full business days of your signing up and completion of the payment transaction. This is contingent on if you have placed an order within the boutique using your club member account within those 3 days after becoming a member of the club prior to cancelling. If you have, no refund will be given even if you cancel your membership/subscription within the 3 day time limit. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

The price for membership is $138.00 every 12 Months.

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Neos Belles' Club™ Membership Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully prior to subscribing as it governs your club subscription and membership and access to the Neos Belles' Club™ and its benefits.


By becoming a subscribed member of the Neos Belles' Club™, accessing member perks and benefits and using, you are forming a contract and agreeing to the terms that appear below and in private members' only areas. References to “you” and “your” are to you as an individual. You accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of the membership agreement. In addition, when using the Neos Belles' Clubmembership benefits, features and services and this website's particular services, you shall be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to subscribing members and the benefits, features and services provided by Neos Skin Care™, Neos Belles' Club, its owners and all affiliated guest contributors. Applicable guidelines and rules may be modified and posted from time to time. All such terms, guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by statement and by reference in the Membership Agreement and in restricted private member areas and correspondence.




Membership Benefits and Services

Your membership qualifies you as a Very Important Belle™ (VIB™) with many benefits and perks for as long as you subscribe to the Neos Belles' Club™.

As a VIB, your benefits and perks include:

  • Exclusive discounts - No waiting for public sales! 
  • Priority order processing
  • Occasional special offers from partners and contributors
  • Members only, limited edition products and fragrances
  • High-quality product sampler boxes priced well below retail offered throughout the year
  • Pre-launch purchasing options for new products
  • The opportunity to contribute valued input on product development and services
  • Use your Belle status to opt-in as a product tester during final R&D phases for new, luxury skin care products which will be provided to you at or just above actual cost
  • Exclusive members only content on the website
  • A VIB members only newsletter
  • More

As a VIB, you'll also get access to the exclusive Neos Belles' Club's private group on Facebook. This exclusive members only group is our club meeting place and social community where you will be able to participate in special projects,  live and written tutorials and mini-classes as they are developed, join in on Q & A sessions, get tips-tricks and hacks for day to day life, homemaking, beauty and self care, have day to day engagement and discussions with your fellow club members, meet & greet with visiting partners and contributors, and more. Aptly named "The Parlor" (because every belle needs a cozy parlor to hang out in), this is where it gets real. The Parlor is where VIB's can kick their shoes off, cozy up on the couch and let their sass, class and comfort flow. The Parlor is where your belle'ness is celebrated and where the real magic happens.

Membership Availability and Sign Up Campaigns

  • Membership sign ups will be allowed and accepted on designated calendar dates as set by Neos Skin Care™ (the service provider and club host). Due to the necessity to manually add each member to the private members' social community group and other necessary behind-the-scenes operations for the Neos Belles' Club™, membership/subscription signup campaigns will be calendar date limited events. These signup events will run for no less than 3 days and no more than 14 days as the service provider and club host finds manageable and workable. Notice of upcoming signup events will be given via social media, newsletter and/or blog post. The service provider and club host will determine if membership signup events will be regularly scheduled or random and how often.
  • The total number of active members allowed and new members accepted during membership signup campaigns may be limited to a specific number if the service provider and club host determines it is necessary for manageability and quality of service.
  • Due to our product sales and shipping policies, we must currently limit membership into the Neos Belles Club™ to only those with valid and verifiable US mailing addresses. Although not  officially planned or implemented, a reduced price membership level which would include only the restricting members content and social community access related benefits without any product-based perks may be made available for those residing outside the US with a non-US mailing address sometime in the future.

Important Membership Agreement Information

  • Membership to Neos Belles' Club™ and member benefits are offered as described with no guarantees. The service provider and club host (Neos Skin Care™ and its owners) reserves the right to modify and change the membership fees, services and benefits at their discretion without formal or advanced notice.
  • The service provider and club host (Neos Skin Care™ and its owners) reserves the right to deny membership or revoke existing membership at their discretion should the membership applicant or member give just cause or if breach of this membership agreement should occur.
  • All membership subscription transactions are final and club membership fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable in whole or in part.
  • Memberships cannot be cancelled by the member before the selected pre-paid membership level term expires. At that time, you may simply renew at the same membership level, choose to level-up (or down) as desired or cancel and not renew your membership. You may, however, choose to not actively participate in the club or its benefits and perks during your membership at your discretion. Club participation is not required but it is encouraged.
  • Services and benefits given as part of Neos Belles' Club™ memberships are offered as-is without warranty or guarantees. Information, recommendations, guidance and assistance provided/given through membership content, features, services and benefits are not guaranteed and are offered as-is without warranty. Members assume full responsibility for their participation and engagement as a club member and the use of any information, recommendations, guidance and assistance  given through the club, whether by the owner and service provider, other club members or partners and contributors.
  • Neos Skin Care™, Neos Belles' Club™, its owners and providers/host assume no responsibility or personal liability for actions of members or any loss or harm which may occur to or because of members and their participation as a club member or use of any information provided to members by the owner and service provider, by other members or by partners and contributors.
  • Membership benefits are restricted to paid members only. Sharing of members only benefits such as logins, ID's, passwords, account information, discounts, etc. is prohibited. Violation of this is grounds for membership and benefits to be revoked.
  • All content, text, images, and/or videos contained within and provided through the Neos Belles' Club™, Neos Skin Care™, this site, membership areas, membership newsletters and mailings, and the members' social community group or forum is copyrighted and the intellectual property of Neos Skin Care™ and its owner. It is protecting under federal and international copyright laws and by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Copying, plagiarizing or any use of said content for any reason by anyone other than the original owner by their written consent is a violation of these laws and subject to legal action.
  • All content, images, information and/or videos contained within and provided through the Neos Belles' Club™, Neos Skin Care™, this site, membership areas, membership newsletters and mailings, and the members' social community group or forum is protected and restricted to subscribing members only and therefore, is not intended to be shared with non-members now or in the future. It is for the personal use of members only and is not intended for use in the conducting of business or for profit by the member now or in the future. Copying, downloading, screen shotting or screen capturing, or otherwise saving, as well as sharing and use of said content as described above, either while a member or after membership ceases is strictly prohibited and will be subject to legal action as well as grounds for membership being revoked.
  • Special participatory events and projects may require the purchase of supplies and/or material, resulting in additional costs to the member who wishes to actively participate in said event or project.
  • Additional fees and costs may be applicable for personal consultations, services, products or offerings not included in the club membership perks and benefits as specified and offered by Neos Skin Care™ and/or partners and guest contributors.
  • Further membership agreement information, guidelines and rules will be implemented and disclosed to registered members in restricted areas designed for members only as deemed appropriate and necessary by Neos Skin Care™ and its owners.


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