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Our Story

                                      WHAT’S OUR STORY?

Hey y’all! I’m Ginger L. Moore, the Head Belle at Neos Skin Care™. Welcome and thank you for visiting with me. I’m told this is where I tell you a little about myself and Neos Skin Care. I’m really not very comfortable talking about myself in this way but will try my best. Hmmm…what would be of interest? I guess I’ll just start with the basics.

I was born and raised in Southeast Tennessee, where I still reside, care for my family and handcraft my products. I consider myself to be what I call “a modern southern belle”,  a gal that’s full of class, over-flowing with sass and a lover of comfort. I’m really quite southern, as in through and through – from my thick twang to my values and lifestyle. I’m a born-again Christian, a wife, a mother, a home educator and a ministry leader who is also a business owner, professional handcrafted cosmetic formulator and maker. Yes.  I hand make all of these products you will find in our boutique by hand (with a little help from my husband and son when needed).  

I have 20+ years of study and experience in the natural health and beauty industry. It’s my honor and joy to take that knowledge and experience to bring you premium handcrafted cosmetics that indulge, pamper and work as hard as you do. Honestly, I have to admit I love formulating and hand producing products that are as good for your skin as they are fun and pleasurable to use.

OK….so that’s my self introduction and the preface to the story of Neos Skin Care™


The story of how Neos Skin Care™ came to be isn’t really all that unusual.  To briefly summarize for you, it started from my own needs and those of my son. After my only child was born in 2006, when I was at the ripe young age of 38, I had some significant skin care challenges that I have never experienced before.  Commercial products I tried gave me little help or no real solutions. Plus, I had a precious baby boy with very sensitive skin that needed the right attention. With more than 20 years of independent study in the area of natural-alternative beauty and cosmetics, I felt sure the answer for my woes were to be found in natural alternatives.  So being a go-getter and a natural problem solver, I dusted off my knowledge banks and embarked on an adventure in handcrafting natural skin care products.

I wanted to develop products made with the highest quality, most effective, nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients I could find. I insisted each finished product do what it was supposed to do. I was also very conscience of what I didn’t want in them and what I didn’t want them to be or do. So I set out to create what I wanted and expected. The result was a full line of body, bath and facial care products that exceeded my expectations. They worked so well that I couldn’t keep them to myself. So I decided to offer them to others under the brand name Lavish Bath & Body through the ready-made gift company I owned. They were well received. In 2010, I discovered that someone had stolen my product brand name and marketing material. Not having the means for a legal battle with them, I was forced to make some hard decisions. After careful consideration and many long nights, I decided to close the gift company and devote my entire attention to the line of skin care products exclusively with a new company, a new look and a new focus.  With that, Neos Skin Care™ was born and has been developing by leaps and bounds ever since. 


My products create what I call “Ahhh Moments”. You know…..those moments that just take your breath away and leave you satisfied, yet wanting more? Yes, ma’am….THAT!  Each product is inspired by my Southern heritage and the beauty all around me, either in the ingredients or the product or fragrance name. They come from my heart and in part, out of my own desire to look and feel more youthful, vibrant, pampered and luscious myself. They are for the mom that gives it her all and just craves a little private, personal and indulgent “ME” time…because I know how stressful the mom gig can be. They are for the vivacious woman that needs to not always feel frumpy housewife-ish, like a stretched to the max mom or a woman on the back side of her 40’s (Yes, I know that one very well.). What’s more, they smell beautiful, tantalizing and scrumptious because I adore fragrances and love to smell good. I know most of you do too. I’m honored to share them with you so that you can look and feel like the woman you really are….beautiful and vibrant.


To put it simply, what you get from Neos Skin Care and our products is an experience like no other. Not only are the products filled with decadence and natural skin benefits, they also ooze with Southern style. What is that style? It’s simple elegance with a twist. It’s classy, it’s sassy and it’s comfort, all rolled into one fun and fanciful package (just like me *grin*). I top it all off with that infamous Southern hospitality and give my personal attention to every customer and product because that’s my standard of how it should be.  Because I just think YOU deserve all of that. Don’t you?

In addition, one of my hopes and dreams for Neos Skin Care™ is to be able to help provide jobs for Americans making products right here in the USA. Small and family-owned businesses started by people just like me are the backbone of America that helped mold and build the USA.  It’s important to me to be a part of that tradition and keep the American dream alive. Yes, I’m very committed to supporting small and American-owned businesses that offers our citizens jobs and provides American made products with the quality and consumer confidence of yesteryear.  Because I think we all deserve that. Don’t you?


One thing is for sure. With Neos Skin Care™, no matter what your age or where you call home in this wonderful country of ours, you can be the southern belle you want to be. There’s at least a  little bit of “Scarlett” in all of us, ya’ know.  So look around the boutique, find a few favorites or try something new. Go ahead…Get your Ahhh Moment on, Hon!

Thanks for coming by to visit and I’ll see y’all soon.



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