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DIY Collection

Finally! Professionally formulated base products to satisfy your do-it-yourself cravings.

So many have expressed a desire for quality products with good ingredients they can customize with their own essential oils, fragrance oils or minor additives. But they don’t know how to formulate or make them from scratch safely and efficiently and there’s no time or desire to invest in learning, researching, developing and formulating products the right way. Not to mention that can get pretty darn expensive. That’s where the DIY Collection line of products come in. I’m taking the labor, guess work and extensive investment out of the equation for you and am giving you safe, confident convenience.  All the products in the DIY Collection are professionally formulated for the home DIY’er and aromatherapy enthusiast who wants great, reliable and safe products they can customize to make satisfying DIY cosmetic products for themselves or to give to others as gifts.

Phase 1 launched on October 3, 2016 with the roll out of 2 unique and truly decadent products you’re going to love. You get larger than retail, small bulk sizes at comparative prices. Plus, I include an idea project sheet with each product. Seriously, does it get any easier or more fun than that?

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