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Neos Mystery Box™

$ 38.95

Surprises. Don’t you love them? Then you are going to absolutely adore the Neos Mystery Box™. With no less than 4 swag bag goodies up to 8 gifts within a gift, you’ll be stalking the mail carrier with baited breathe as you await the delivery of this thrilling and fun new thing from Neos Skin Care™.


Do you like surprises? Enjoy a good mystery? Then you’re gonna love the Neos Mystery Box™.

Surprises. They are so much fun. The anticipation when you know its coming but you don’t know what IT is. The intrigue. The suspense. The air of mystery. It’s exhilarating and thrilling. Remember that feeling you would get as a kid as Christmas morning approached?  Each day, it got a little more exciting as you wondered what would be under the tree. If you were like me, by Christmas Eve, you were so full with anticipation you were giddy and could hardly sleep.  Now you can enjoy that feeling of child-like excitement with our Neos Mystery Box™.  What is it?  It’s a box containing a variety of fun, quirky and decadent surprises direct from my heart to your hands. It’s charming, delicious and undeniably belle’ish. It’s an upscaled grab bag with all the Southern class, sass and comfort you’ve come to expect from Neos Skin Care™.  You’ll love waiting for it to arrive. You’ll savor unwrapping it to see what’s inside. Will there be a lovely soap? Maybe. Could there be a skin-loving cream to quench your thirsty skin? Could be. Perhaps it will have something to make bath time a personal retreat into luxury? It might.  Will you finally get to try one of our DIY Collection products? Or maybe a Mineral Facial Care product you’ve been aiming to order but just never have?  You won’t know until you open it and rifle through the inner wrapping.

With no less than 3 swag bag goodies and up to 8 delicious and delightful gifts within a gift, you could receive full sizes, sample/travel sizes or a combination of sizes of our exquisite premium handcrafted products. There may be products never before seen at the  Neos boutique. You may find tantalizing fragrances you never knew existed, mini Me Time kits, self-care items, skin care products, bath products, grooming tools, accessories or maybe even home care products you didn’t know you wanted or that I also handcraft but don’t stock in the boutique. That’s the beauty of this mystery in a box. The wondering is part of the thrill. Seriously, girls. You’ll be stalking the mail carrier when you order this self-indulgent surprise.

Speaking of gifts, do you need one for someone? The Neos Mystery Box™ is a fantabulous gift option. Send it directly to them from Neos or have it delivered to your door so you can put your special touches on it. You can even leave me a note on your order saying it’s a gift and you would like it prettied up for easy, no fuss gifting. I can do that for you. See how fun this is?

Note:  If there is any products or ingredient(s) you need to avoid due to allergies, sensitivities or personal preference, just leave me a note in the appropriate space at checkout telling me what that is and I’ll do my best to make sure those are not included. Or if you would prefer everything you receive to be unscented with no fragrance added, make sure to leave me a note for that as well.

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Weight 48 oz

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