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ORIGINAL Kiss My Grits™ Lip Scrub – 1 oz. net wt.

$ 8.99


A Social Butterfly Southern inspired favorite. Every belle needs a jar of sassiness for their lips.  

Our ORIGINAL Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub™ has been giving belles smooth and sassy lips since 2012. It’s been imitated but never duplicated. Our sassy southern inspired lip scrub is made with real grits that are hand-ground to an extra fine texture with just the right amount of brown sugar for lip smacking sweetness.  Oh Yes….it’s that good!

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The ORIGINAL Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub™. We've been giving you sassy lips since 2012

The ORIGINAL Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub™. We’ve been giving you smooth and sassy lips since 2012!



Honey…..Kiss My Grits! Lawdy mercy!  Did I just say that?  Yes I did!  Our lip scrub makes it so easy to say it with a sexy smile. So indulgent and decadent it’s like a luxurious exfoliating facial for your lips!  It gently smoothes and softens your tender lips with real, authentically southern hand-ground  grits and sinfully sweet brown sugar while it moisturizes that lovely smoocher with cocoa butter and antioxidant rich oils that we hand whip to perfection. In our signature and much beloved “Butter & Sorghum” flavor, it’s a naturally delicious addition to your lip care routine. I’m telling y’all, it really doesn’t get more southern than this.

A little story about how our lip scrub came to be. One night in 2011, I awoke from a dream. The details of the dream were a bit foggy but I clearly saw what you see in the photo above and heard the words Kiss My Grits Lip Scrub…..made with real grits. The next morning, I did some digging and discovered there was not a product like this on the market anywhere. So I set about creating what I saw and heard in my dream. In the spring of 2012, I introduced this innovative and original product at the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. And it was a hit! Ever since, we’ve been serving up our ORIGINAL Kiss My Grits™ Lip Scrub to belles and beaus all over the USA. People have imitated it since our launch in 2012 but they’ve never duplicated it. After all, it is an original product that was conceived in my head, nurtured and born at Neos Skin Care some 4 years ago. So don’t be fooled by unoriginal imitations. Go for the original….the real deal! 

*Fun Fact:  Grits are a staple in the south, much like potatoes and cornbread. From buttered grits to sweet grits to cheese grits, southerners love them. And not just for breakfast either. Many supper meals get a side of grits with a heaping helping of shrimp, chicken or fish.

**Helpful How To:  Using a clean, dry finger and with a circular motion, massage a small amount onto upper and lower lips and along the lip edges for a couple of minutes.  Then rinse off with warm water, wipe off with a damp cloth or lick it off if you want. Yes, it’s safe to ingest. Follow up with our Gimme Lip™ Butter Balm and let your sassy southern belle smile show!

Ingredients:  brown sugar, extra fine hand-ground grits, cocoa butter, olive oil, rice bran oil, mixed tocopherols



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