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You’ve heard of Dead Sea salt.  You’ve heard how good it is.  But do you know WHY it’s so good? Did you know it beautifies skin and can help you look younger?

Dead Sea Salt (we’ll refer to it as DSS in this article) comes from The Dead Sea in Israel.  It’s renowned and has long been sought after for its therapeutic effects on the body, the ability to soothe muscle fatigue, replenish lost minerals that are critical to skin metabolism and for its skin beautifying abilities.

Man reading a newspaper in the Dead Sea.

Man reading a newspaper while effortlessly floating in the waters of the Dead Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The waters of the Dead Sea have a salt concentration of around 31.5%.  That’s very high in comparison to the other seas and oceans around the world.  The high concentration accounts for the phenomenon of effortless buoyancy in the Dead Sea. Anyone can float in its waters easily.  How cool is that?  This is also why the area known as the Dead Sea is called “The Dead Sea”.  The salt content is so high that nothing can live or grow in it or around its banks.

Salt is salt, right?

Well, not exactly. All sea salts are definitely not created equal. While there are some wonderful sea salts found throughout the world and each has its own benefits and value, none of them are equal to or comparative to Dead Sea Salt. Chemically, DSS is far more balanced and useful on a broader scale.

Within the Dead Sea Salt itself, is a beautiful balance of magnesium chloride at 50.8%, potassium chloride at 4.4%, calcium chloride at 14.4%, and sodium chloride at 30.4%.  In comparison, the salt in the waters of most oceans and seas is approximately 97% sodium chloride.  The concentration of sulfate ions in DSS is very low, and the concentration of bromide ions is the highest of all waters on Earth.

Why does this make Dead Sea Salt more beneficial for skin applications?

Let’s just look at that from the standpoint of what these minerals offer the body and in turn, the skin. Please note some of this is only obtained from internal and oral consumption of these minerals. That doesn’t mean you should guzzle a glass of Dead Sea salt water to get these minerals. They are found in many foods we eat or can be gained by taking dietary supplements.  I don’t advise anyone goes rogue or just assumes they need to add any of these into their daily diet. A blood panel should be done to confirm a deficiency and the need for any of these to be added or increased to bring balance to the internal body.

  • Magnesium chloride combats stress and fluid retention, slows skin aging and is calming to the nervous system.
  • Potassium chloride energizes the body, helps to balance skin moisture and is a crucial mineral that needs to be replenished after strenuous exercise and physical exertion.
  • Calcium chloride effectively prevents water retention, increases blood circulation, even to the extremities, and strengthens bones and nails.
  • Sodium chloride is important for lymphatic fluid balance. This is very essential for immune system function.
  • Bromides help to break down proteins and relax the muscles to ease muscle tension and stiffness.  This is what’s in meat tenderizers that make the meat tender.

So with all those benefits from the minerals which occur naturally in Dead Sea salts, you can deduce that for skin, it restores, rejuvenates, softens and strengthens your skin’s natural functions beautifully.


So how does Dead Sea salt beautify your skin?

How about this for starters? When formulated appropriately in leave-on skin care products, Dead Sea salts have been studied and shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles by 40%.  WOW! That’s absolutely astounding.  DSS also helps balance and restore skin pH and assists in vitamin and mineral absorption through the skin.

As I’ve already said, DSS helps soften and condition skin. When used as a bath or mani-pedi soak, the composition of Dead Sea Salt helps to soften (think tenderize) the skin, aids in absorption of other constituents from the other ingredients in the bath soak product and helps replenish essential minerals that are lost through the skin every single day.  Now let’s be clear here because the misinformation surrounding this is so widespread. This is not “detoxing” and salt soaks do not “detox” the body. The liver does a fine job of filtering out unwanted and unusable substances from the body and detoxing the body as a general rule. That’s its job! But there is no reputable scientific evidence showing an external topical application of any kind with any substance will remove “toxins” from the body. Nor that we should assume we are carrying toxic chemicals in our body, that toxins are building up in our body or that we need to be trying to detox our body. If one actually does have any sort of toxicity within the body from heavy metals or other chemicals, this requires medical attention and intervention. We’re talking restoring and replenishing here. Big difference.

Back on track. Dead Sea salts are also considered to be effective in helping soothe osteoarthritis, tendonitis, poor circulation, psoriasis, itchy, flaky skin, muscle distress & tension, soreness and countless other conditions.

As an exfoliant, a fine grained DSS is an effective way to remove dead skin cells and smooth skin to baby softness, giving a youthful glow.  I, personally, prefer other exfoliants for scrubs, but many love a good salt scrub, especially on their feet.  Be warned.  If you use a salt scrub (Dead Sea or other) on broken or irritated skin, it will burn like the dickens.  Ask me how I know.

But doesn’t salt dry out your skin? 

The answer that is, Yes it can. But with DSS that is less likely One of the great things about Dead Sea Salts is that because they are more balanced than many of the other salts you may find and contain a lower concentration of sulfates, dryness doesn’t happen as readily or as often.

If you’re over-using salt by using it too often and in high amounts, you will have some issues.  Put a pound of any type of salt in your bath and soak in it for an hour or two frequently, then yes, that will likely see signs of dry skin.  After all, it’s not like you are trying to preserve yourself.  You’re not a country ham. *wink*

When you use any salt correctly, but especially Dead Sea salts, in moderation and with a good moisturizing routine, salt is not likely to cause dry skin, itching or irritation. In fact, it will actually improve your skin.

Does Neos Skin Care™ offer products with Dead Sea Salt?

Yes!  In fact, I love the beauty benefits of Dead Sea salt so much, that I offer a complete line of facial skin care products that harnesses the benefits of DSS plus plant extracts with proven track records.  Each product in our Mineral Facial Care Collection contains from 1% – 10% Dead Sea minerals in the formulas and are geared toward maintaining and restoring youthful, radiant skin and helping your skin revive itself.   They are formulated to work together as a regular full skin care regimen or you can use a product alone, with visibly noticeable results.  I honestly don’t think you’ll find ANY skin care products or a complete line of skin care products like this on the market anywhere.  At least I’m not aware of any.

Neos also offers mineral rich body spray. We brought back our popular, “Putting On The Spritz™ Mineral Body Mist”. This customer favorite is an excellent choice for a light all over body fragrance plus the added benefits of Dead Sea minerals, humectants, protein and other fine ingredients.

In the near future, we also may be reintroducing Dead Sea Salt bath soaks which were retired a couple of years ago.  If demand is there for them, I’ll see what we can do.

So….now that you know more about Dead Sea Salt, what are you waiting for?  Don’t you think its time to make it a staple in your beauty basket?


Until next time…..get your Ahhh moments on, hon. You deserve it!


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